Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year for Christmas we are in New Jersey visiting my parents. I have to say I miss my parents living in Houston but its nice that they moved because we are able to see more family now since pretty much everyone is living on the east side of the US. On Saturday we went to Pennsylvania to my uncle Denny's house. I saw my grandma, aunts an uncles from my dads side and my cousins too. It was great!

Then we came home, opened our Christmas eve jammies and went to bed. But before going to sleep Ally Jon and I made sure Maddie heard the reindeer on the roof. She was so excited for Santa! We woke up and Santa was good to us. Its only going to get better because having kids makes Christmas awesome. I loved it.

Today I'm feeling a little under the weather. I think whenever my body knows I have a break, it decides to stop fighting all those germs that my first graders sneeze on me and lets me get sick. Thanks body. I have spent most the day laying in bed sleeping.

Now I'm just looking up teaching stuff emailing it to myself. Which reminds me, you need to watch the documentary "Waiting for Superman". Its about America's public schools. Its insane. And it made me a little crazy. But I know I am doing my best. But my little ones are fighting an up hill battle and I know that it will only get harder for them. AH! This makes me never want to quit my job. But I miss Kingston during the day too. What a dilemma!

I hope everyone's Christmas 2011 was wonderful. New Year's is next! Whooo-hoo.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well I'm sitting at the car dealership waiting for them to do the emissions on the car. I've been here for two hours. Did I mention that I already did the emissions and they "can't find it in the system"? Yeah. This is my life. Kingston is way past his nap time and I'm getting pretty cranky too.

On a brighter note, we are leaving for NJ in the morning! I'm so excited to spend christmas with my family. I am completely excited for my moms cooking. I mean I've come into my own in the kitchen putting together meals for Jon and Ally but there is nothing like eating food like my moms. She's just a great cook. I'm also excited for Christmas morning. Mainly to see Kings eyes wide with wonder at all the wrapping paper. He couldn't care less about what's in the box but he will destroy the paper. Love that little bug.

Speaking of my little bug, we are in the search for a new sitter for him during the days. Can you say stressful? Well I think I found an awesome lady close to where we live so I will be meeting with her as soon as we get back! I have never prayed harder about something in my whole life! When you're a parent your children become more important than anything else and it has been a real trial being away from him everyday. But I know that my prayers will be answered and he will be in good hands until I can stop working and stay at home with him :)

Speaking of work I spent my last day with my kids in the office with my biggest naughty because OH hold up!! No joke the lady next to me at the dealership just said "wow, she talks alot" in reference to my baby bit! Ha ha ha. And he is wearing a shirt that has footballs soccer balls and basketballs on it. Really? He's just so pretty. Anyway... I was in the office with my biggest naughty because he touched a girl on the place that is not allowed if you get my drift... The police were involved and it was rough! So my last day of school was kind of a bummer. But oh we'll now I get to e with my baby until January 3rd!

He also finally learned how to roll over. He was a little slow. Mainly because he is huge. This is what I get for marrying a 6'5" man. The dr just laughed at my concern and said look at him! He has a lot to roll over. But he's a rolling machine now and maybe it was better when he was stationary...

Well I guess I'll post this and go see what the heck the hold up is on the car. Until next time! Happy happy holidays! I hope you remember the season for the season. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ally and her Busted up Pelvis

This has been a crazy few days.

On Friday my sweet sweet sister, Ally, got in a car accident on her way to see her boo in Idaho. After an hour and a half of thinking she may be really hurt or even worse, dead, we finally found out she was on her way to a hospital in Tremonton, Utah. After the what seemed like 40 hour drive, we made it to the hospital to find Ally laying on a bed with a broken pelvis. She was pretty hilarious at the hospital because she was way hopped up on pain meds.

We got her home and now she is laying in bed. Dan, of course, made his way down from Rexburg and took care of her all weekend, setting his alarm for every four hours so that she could take her medicine. He was such a help and it really showed me how much he loves her. He had to go back to school to finish his classes up but will be back soon! Luckily, I still have today off of work so I'll be able to take care of her today. She is a trooper. She is in a lot of pain but she is still her ultra positive self and even made the trek from her room to the couch last night to enjoy the Kardashian family!

So heres to Ally! I wish you a quick and thorough recovery...Kingston needs his second mom! :) You are such a great girl and I am so glad you are here and kickin it!!! :) LOVE YOU SIS!!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Whoops I forgot to blog something I'm thankful for on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday so I will make up with three things this post.

I am obviously thankful for my little family. Jon is a great husband. He works really hard and loves Kingston so much. Its so ciute. He is a great dad. Kingston is the BEST. I mean I am literally obsessed with both of them!

I am grateful for my sweet first graders. I was invited over to one of my little girls house this Sunday for dinner. Her whole family is from Nepal and they cherish their teachers. I am so lucky to teach where I do and to make a difference in their little lives. I try to be the teacher you look back on and always remember. I had a dream just last night that our first day back after being off track was terrible. Like they wouldnt listen to me and they kept running away. But that never happens. They are so sweet. And Bonus? They say the funniest stuff.

I am also thankful for Pinterest. It has given me awesome ideas from recipes for dinner, dessert, ideas for my classroom, and around the house. I actually copied a cute idea from there...enjoy below!

I'm grateful Ally lives with us. She's so good with Kingston and helps me a lot with him. Its nice to have a best friend in a sister. Love her.

I am grateful that Jonathan's family is so close.
I am grateful for planes so that I can get to my family.
I am grateful for the age of retirement so that my parents can move to Utah. Ha ha ha my dad would die if he read that.

Is that enough? Ahhh the holiday season is here! Christmas is just a month away :) I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great and you have a nice relaxing weekend! Ifts time to bust out Celine Dion's Christmas album! YESSS!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Blowdryer.

Like the new header? I'm glad I live with Ally. She knows all about the blogging world and I'm not so great at the pictures and the headers but thanks to a great sis and a great website ( my posts will be a little more legit.

Its the weekend! Its been a really good day. Kingston didn't whine to get out of bed til almost 10AM. He is DEFINITELY our child. Ally and I went to the gym this morning (after that 2008 bod over here) and then we went bee boppin around town.

Last night I went to see Twlight: Breaking Dawn. It was....interesting. There were some hardcore cheeseball parts. But overall it was entertaining. I used to be a team Jacob fan but after this movie I was kinda Team Edward. He just loves Bella so much. But its a little freaky too.

Today while browsing the PostSecret app on my iphone I came across this:

I may of tweeted it to JB. He needs to see this and he needs to fly to Ohio immediately. And then Ellen needs to go too so that it's filmed on the show so i can watch it and cry. Speaking of crying...I BAWLED watching Regis's last show. Is that normal?

Well with Turkey Day right around the corner we all should be thinking about all the things we are grateful for. For the next FOUR days I will blog daily about the things that I am Thankful for. I know you are sitting at the edge of your seat saying "WHAT? Meghan is going to blog four days straight..AWESOME!!"

Here is something I am grateful for:

The other day my blowdryer decided to only blow cold air. Did I sit in the bathroom for 30 minutes today taking it apart trying to "clean" it out so it would work again? Maybe. But the chi has seen its better days so I had to break down and buy a new one. Of course my new conair doesnt leave my hair silky like the chi but it does the job and I am grateful for it. Because without a blow dryer...I look a lot like this:

Minus any make up because if my hair isnt done, this face stays plain. Which NOBODY can be grateful for.

Well, its off to bed for me! See back tomorrow for other things I am grateful for. PEACE AND BLESSING!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So ally mentioned that the last 50 of my blog posts are about how cute my baby is. So I guess that means I should talk about something else instead of stating the obvious? Ha ha I kid.

Things are going good here at the stoddards. I am off track from school for three weeks (did I mentioned I love being a teacher?) and it's the beginning of Kingstons first holiday season (Jon mentioned yesterday that we should take Kingston to the lights at temple square and take a picture and make it a yearly hubs is cute).

I love the holidays! I'm almost ready to start listening to Celine Dion Christmas! It's going to be even more exciting when Kingston understands Christmas and I get to spoil him and blame it on Santa. Which reminds me of a sad story. So the other day at school one of my little ones was crying because another girl in class told her at recess that Santa wasn't real. I immediately told her that Santa does exist and she happily skipped away. I asked the little girl who said he wasn't real about it. She said her mom told her wasn't real because last year they didn't have presents and thought Santa forgot their house. Um how sad is that? She is six. I work in a low income area and it is hard seeing so many kids go without. It in turn makes me think of my own life and how blessed I have been. My Dad worked very hard and I can't remember ever going without something I needed not to mention things i thought i would die without (ie those dr martin sandals with the flower cut out). Then there's my hard working husband who is working hard to provide the same type of life for our son and future family. It puts things in perspective for me and makes me realize how incredibly blessed I am. I am so thankful. I hope that in any way I can I will be able to help those in need.

Onto other news, Jons sister, Allyson, is prego! So exciting to have another cousin for Kingston to play with soon :)

Okay well that's all for now...but before I go I of course will leave you with a pic of the babe...taken today while running errands with mama.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I have a very cute baby. I know this may sound conceited but he could be a model. I may have looked up agencies. I'm so obsessed with him. Here is a recent pic. Eat your heart out!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby King

Why is my baby so cute?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This post is dedicated solely to my Jon.

Can you believe it's been over two years since we met? And you asked me the 3 movies question and I got them all right and you loved me from then on? Ha ha. Cause I do.

And now we have a baby and he's perfect and we have a wonderful life with friends and family that love us. You are such a hard worker and a great example I'm so glad you are the dad to Kingston and the rest of our future family.

I know I'm crazy But I'm also cray cray about you. Thanks for being my boo.

Love you forever!


Its 940 pm. This is late right? It feels sooo late. Hubs and I are laying on our bed. He is reading a ridiculously long book on his iPad and I am blogging. Baby is asleep. Is this what being a grown up is like?

I forgot to blog that I recently had a birthday. I am officially 26. Which is hysterical because I just had to double check with Jon to see if I was 25 or 26. No wonder my mom never knew how she was when we would ask. But I did have a good bday. Jon surprised me and took me to an arcade with some friends. I played ski ball (love it) and got to see Josie! Which was so nice since we literally live on opposite sides of the state! Not to mention Jon and I bought new cars. Not because of my bday but because Jons car blew up and mine was on it's last leg. But it was a nice bday present. So now I get ride around in a decked out suv instead of the ol jetta who's radio didn't even work anymore. May the jetta RIP. I loved that car and worked all through college to pay for it. I bought it with my own money, taught myself how to drive it (it was a stick shift) and exactly why am I blogging about my car? Enough of that.

Life is good. I am loving my class this year they are adorable and so naughty. It's hilarious. They are just six. That's all there is to it. Like they can't sit still for longer than five minutes and they get excited if I tell them they get one more minute of recess. I love being a teacher. It exhausts me but it's my life. And I love it. I get to teach children then come home and play with my own sweet boy. I'm really lucky and I don't say it enough.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I downloaded blogger on my phone so I thought I would share some recent pics!

First we have baby King being oh so cute.

Then there's our friends Nikki and Trevors little one Eliza.

Then Jon with three babes at the cabin.

Then a pic of me. I have brown hair! And it's gotten so long it's crazy.

Then daddy and baby and finally to top things off another sweet picture of my four month old love bug!

Pic of the babe!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Check up with the Stoddards

What in the heck? Kingston is almost four months old. I haven't blogged in forever but I am one busy girl I barely have time to cuddle with my hubby. And when the choice to blog or cuddle arises I'd much rather cuddle. But I have somedown time so I'll recap the past couple months.

I started working. I love my class. Last year I started in the middle of the year so it didn't fully feel like my class. But this year has been going so great. I have tied more shoes than iever have before but that's okay. My favorite thing is listening totem talk to each other while they're coloring or doing independent work. They are hysterical. One kid saud the other day that if he wa Elvis every girl would love him. How can anyone not love six year olds? And I get to hang out with 25 of them everyday.

Since we are on year round school I worked for a month and had 3 weeks off so Jon and I decided to take a trip with baby King. We flew to San Fransiso for a few days to see our friends Brian and Jane. After that we flew to Michigan to see Grandma Mullin. Then we flew to Jersey to see my parents and Maddie. Kingston loved seeing his Nana and grandfather. :) Jon got to experience new York for the first time. His thoughts? Smelly.

We got back, moved and I started work again. And now we are up at our friends cabin watching the Utah/byu game...hence the reason I have time to blog. Football bores me.

Oh and Ally moved in with us!! Yay!

Until next time remember that you are blessed! Oh and sorry about no pics I'm on Jons iPad and I don't know how to post them on here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Auntie Ally and other news

Greetings from Salt Lake! We are surviving our first weeks of being parents. I can't believe Kingston is already over five weeks old. CRAZY! He is currently eating...his favorite past time. He's gaining like a pound a that normal? He's still little but he is SO much heavier than he was when he was born. Anyway, enough annoying mom stuff.

Ally came into town last week! It was so fun to see her. We worked on our tans for a couple days which I ended up with i'm pretty sure what is called a third degree burn. There was definite bubbling of the skin so I've been avoiding the sun since. She went up to Idaho and came back in LOVE! Kingston loved her and can't wait to see Auntie Ally again :)

Now I'm just looking forward to my mom coming and meeting my little man. I also start working again in two weeks! I'm excited for a new class but I kinda wish school didn't start until September...or October.

In other exciting news, Josie, got married last weekend. She went to Mexico for her honeymoon and I can't wait to hear how amazing that was! She was a beautiful bride. Brad is a very lucky man!

We had a good 4th of July weekend as well. Gotta love celebrating our Nation's Bday! I hope everyone had a good 4th :)

Peace and Blessings!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am a MOTHER!

Oh my goodness! I HAD MY BABY!

Lets start from the beginning.

Sunday May 29th was a normal Sunday. We went to church, came home and took a little nap, then headed over to Jon's parents to do our laundry. His whole family was gone to Logan to see family and put some flowers on graves. My doctor told me I couldn't go so close to my due date. So Katie and Jaxon came over, Jon grilled up some steak and after dinner the rest of the family got home.We spent the evening finishing our laundry and watching Wild Hogs and Undercover Boss with the fam.

We got back to our apartment and I immediately got into bed to finish reading Tina Feys book, Bossypants. Ten minutes later I called Jon in to go get me some medicine because I was feeling sick. Ten minutes after that I started peeing my pants but it wasn't pee. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom legit freaking out because it was definitely my water breaking. Not to be disgusting but it was everywhere! Jon was running back and forth with his hands on his head saying "what do we do?" over and over again. After a lot of running around and freaking out we got in the car and headed to the hospital.

It was 1030PM when we got to the hospital. I started getting HARDCORE contractions around 3AM. I'm not gonna lie, they hurt so bad. It was terrible. I honestly have no idea how women have natural births. WOOF. So by 330AM I was ready for my epidural. That thing is heaven. It doesnt even hurt to get it either. I mean I'm used to giving myself a shot everyday from my odd blood disease and to be honest, that shot hurts more than the epidural did! SO then it was just a waiting game. I was FINALLY dialated to a 9 at 2PM the following afternoon. So i was trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself to push when my nurse was checking me and then immediately started saying EMERGENCY C SECTION in her little microphone and all of a sudden I was being ran down the hall to the operating room. Two minutes later, Kingston was born. (Jon tells a gross version of the story since he saw them cutting my insides apart but I will not get into that) It all happened so fast and we ended up finding out that the umbilical cord was coming out before King's head and in turn was cutting off his oxygen supply. He came out and wasnt breathing. They had to use those paddles on him! But after all was said and done, I survived child birth and our sweet little baby came into this world (a little dead) at 2:20PM on May 30th. He was 6 pounds 14 oz and 20.5 inches long. The sweetest little thing I have EVER seen. Legit.

My sweet boy getting monitered in the NICU. He was only in there for an hour until they said he was perfectly healthy :)

Sleeping. He is so cute.

About to leave the hospital!

Kingston's first professional photo shoot. He peed everywhere and looked mad the whole time. LOVE him!

Oh my goodness, I have the cutest baby ever. And this is officially the longest post ever. I'm a mom! It's insane. I can't even believe it. But I am so lucky. He is such a good baby.

Until next time.
a happy mama.

ps, Jon has created a "family blog" check it out. We will both we writing in it. The Wolf Pack

Friday, May 27, 2011

I am currently sitting in the waiting room waiting to get a non stress test done, just to make sure little Kingston is doing okay! On to more important news: I am getting induced in exactly ONE week! Can you believe that? Weird. We didn't think it would be for awhile but this is our official last weekend of being child free! Jon is so adorable because he is so excited. I am not so adorable because I am completely terrified. It's like, I know I have to give birth. But I just don't want to. But Friday is going to come and I'm going to be strapped into that hospital bed and I'm going to be a mom.

My doctor also put me on bed rest so I won't be working for the last week of school. I mean I have to go in and say bye to my class but it will be nice to not have to deal with my third grade sized first grade bully for a couple days. I'm pretty sure he makes my blood pressure rise.

Well the next time I blog I will most likely have had the baby boy! Can you believe it?!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Month/16 Days.

Well I officially have one month left of being pregnant. I currently just spent at least an hour reading random stuff online about premature labor and labor in general. Being pregnant is weird because unless you have open friends and a good doctor, you are pretty much flyin blind. Everyone just says "it'll be worth it in the end". Well YEAH, its gonna be worth it, but um, hello, i NEED TO KNOW whats going to happen!

I got really lucky and got an amazing baby shower thrown for me a couple weeks ago! Katie did an amazing job preparing and it was such a good turn out! I felt so loved and blessed.

I have 16 days left of teaching! I am already having dreams about my new class. I got the roster and can't pronounce more than half of their names. One name haunts me. Se de la Be. What the heck? But I guess thinking about it, I had a hard time pronouncing most of the names of the kids I have now. I mean, there's Iragi. Pronounced Ear-ah-gee. I remember when I first started I called her so many versions of names the kids would end up laughing and saying her name over and over so I could get it. That's what you get when you mix a sheltered white girl into an inner-city school. But I LOVE it! I do love my job, I am doing what I have always wanted. It's been rewarding and I'm looking forward to a new bunch of kiddos...especially because my little first graders are turning into 2nd graders...for example today i overheard a couple of them talking about having a girlfriend and I freaked out! They are seven. Stop being old! Stop grossing me out. I told them they are not allowed to like anyone until they are sixteen. Most of them can't add up to sixteen so they think it's a lot longer than it is. Works for me!

Well I better go, Kingston is kicking me or pulling on his food cord because I havent even since lunch!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ummm is it possible that I am actually blogging from my iPhone? Wow! How did I ever survive without this dime piece of technology? It's even correcting all my misspelled words as I type! I love you iPhone.

Anyway there is something amiss with my blogging lately. I have been horrible about it. I still haven't even blogged about my trip to jersey. Wow! It was a great break away from reality. I legit felt like I was so far away from real life. Although I quite enjoy my life, it's still nice to get away once and awhile.

A few highlights:

Maddie is of course adorable and crazy as ever! My mom and I ventured into new York city which was an adventure. It's so huge it's unreal. Times Square looks so different in person. We went down to the jersey shore where I got to see te ocean and my aunts! We drank sonic drinks everyday, ate a lot of food, and even made Kingston a blanket! It was a great trip! Can't wait to go for Christmas with my hubs and our little baby!

Well that's all for tonight! Peace and blessings!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Upside Down

I am currently listening to my itunes playlist entitled: County. Country makes me think of summer. It may be 30 degrees outside right now but I am trying to trick my mind into Summer Mode. I'm very excited for summer...mainly because I won't be pregnant anymore and I will have a baby to cuddle. Just gotta get through this spring hurdle.

Well, I'm bored and already packed for my trip to Jersey and Jon's still at here are some random/recent pics.

Don't mind the water-heater in the back. And the awkward mirror flash. Do I even look prego?I think I just look fat. Not the best outfit for a prego belly pic but whatever...I'm huge!

I came home to Jon nesting...he put the crib up and tried to put together this baby stuff organizer thing...I had to put it together but I actually realized tonight that I put it together upside down. HAHAHA.

This is Jaxon. He loves Jon! Jon's going to be such a good dad!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday night. Life isnt the same without the Bachelor on Monday nights. I seriously didn't know what to do with myself. Dancing With the Stars does not cut it.

Peace and Blessings! Look forward to a post coming soon with Maddie pics!!! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break!

So last week Jon and I went down to St. George with friends. It was nice to be in warmer weather for a few days. It was rough coming back home, but now I am officially on Spring Break for two weeks from school. Seriously, being a teacher is the best. I love my job, and I love the frequent breaks!

I leave for New Jersey on Tuesday to go see my parents! It's going to be nice to see them. Especially little Maddie. Its going to be SO funny for them to see me full on prego. Can't wait for Maddie to ask about the baby in my belly.

Not too long until I have this baby guys. Its just around the corner which is terrifying but SO exciting. I am so ready to see what Kingston looks like and what he's like. I mean, I know he's going to be so awesome and the cutest thing ever, but I'm just ready to meet him! Lately, he's been hurting me. He kicks pretty hard and it shocks me most every time. But oh how I love him. And I also love my sweet husband. Jon is going to be such a good dad. He talks about Kingston all the time and is so excited to be a dad. I got pretty lucky with him.

I recently bought a book called "Secrets of The Baby Whisperer". I started reading it today...its definitely making me feel a little more prepared to welcome our baby. There is a lot to know/a lot to know NOT to do with a new born baby.

Anyway, I am going to go do some organizing! I promise I'll post some pics next post. New Jersey trip/prego Meghan belly. Love!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Body Pillow

Last night Jon and I went out with our usual group of friends. The best part of this group? All the girls are pregnant! ME, Katie, Shianne, and Niki are all at different stages of pregnancy but all of them have one kid already. So naturally, after spending hours at a child arcade with the little ones and getting a whoopie cushion with our tickets (typical jon and i, right?) we went back over to james and katies and ended up talking about giving birth. mainly because i'm freaking out and DREADING it. i mean seriously...ew. But after a few tears and  a lot of reassuring i feel better. Thanks means the world to me. :)

SO I'm a week or so away from being 6 months prego and this means that sleep is getting rough. I can only sleep on my side, but I've been told to not even sleep on the right because of the sciatic nerve. So I've been tossing and turning a lot lately. But I purchased the most amazing thing ever....a BODY PILLOW! I mean in our queen bed, its kinda like sleeping with a small child but oh my does it work! I have slept SO much better since purchasing this gem. Its been two nights and I'm just glad someone came up with making a pillow as long as your body.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eat Candy.

It legit feels like 1AM. I am such a grandma.

I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was spent either a. with someone you love or b. eating candy of some sort. I luckily got to do both. I get to do both of those things everyday, but vday is just special. I got home from work to a home cooked meal, roses, drp in a wine glass (always classic) and a really cute hubby. Then I went and picked out my necklace I've wanted for awhile (the key necklace) and of course we wandered over to Target baby clothes section and picked out some cute things for our little King. THEN, of course, we went to Coldstone and ate some icecream. It was a perfect night.

My kids totally spoiled me at school. I got so much candy and treats it was AWESOME! I've been getting stuff all week!

Last night Jon came home with a HUGE flower arrangment for me. What the? It was so sweet.

Arent they pretty?!

I hope he didnt do it because he did something wrong....:) just kidding. The whole apartment smells of fresh flowers which is good for me because everyone knows my sense of smell is uncanny and I can smell everything. It makes for a nice break for my obsessive candle burning and air freshner spraying...hmm, maybe thats why Jon did it!

Oh, this just in: Katie and James are having a BOY!

Here are some random just enjoyable photos:

a couple weeks ago while getting ready to go out, Jon decided he wanted to "slick" his hair back. Awesome.

This is Jaxon on Halloween wearing Jon's wig.
This is Jon on Halloween. AWESOME! Somehow my pictures in the Oopa costume got deleted.....;)

Well that was fun. Goodnight!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 Degree.

So we have Netflicks hooked up to our Wii. (best invention ever) and I've been catching up on all the Grey's Anatomy that I've missed the past couple seasons. I cry or freak out every single episode. Like right now, this boy Jackson is currently dying and needs organs stat and just when his little machine was beeping saying he's seriously dying The Chief busts in and says "WE HAVE ORGANS!!!" oh crap, now hes coding. If he dies I'm going to cry....see this is what I'm talking about. I freak, I cry. Every time.

So as everyone knows (via facebook) it is literally cold everywhere. Utah has been fuuuuhhhhreeeezing. Like 1 degree. This means we havent been able to go outside for recess. Which means that Mrs. Stoddard has been driven crazy by her 21 seven year olds. Thank goodness tomorrow I have two doctor appts. so I'll be taking the day off from my crazy kids.

We get to see Kingston again tomorrow! I'm so excited. He's been so jumpy lately. Its really cool. I mean, the thought of being a mom is somewhat terrifying, but feeling him move around is kind of a miracle. I have a living thing inside me? I hope I'm a good mom.

Well I gotta move on to the next Grey's epi. Jackson made it by the way.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm a baby.

I just finished cleaning the apartment and then I decided to open the window in our room because it's nice out and i discovered condensation all over the window/window sill and...MOLD!!!!!! I immediately freaked out, ran and got my rubber gloves and got to work. 25 paper towels later, it looks kinda better. EW, apartment living.

Jon and I are currently saving to buy a house. Our plan is to have our heeeeefffttty down payment by Octoberish and then we will buy a house at the end of the year/first of 2012! Isnt that so exciting? We are kinda like real grown ups. But with little King on the way, living in a one bedroom apartment just is NOT gonna cut it. He's not even here yet and theres no room for him. (ps, i just tried loading the ultrasound video on here but I dont get just imagine a button nosed boy flipping and turning around)

Last night was funny. For many reasons. Ally and I talked for awhile. I facebook stalked people while we were on the phone then we started fb stalking ourselves. I decided my "body" prime was back in 2008 and then Ally decided the same thing. If you are friends with Ally on FB, go to her albums, go to PROM and look at picture number 2. She looks like a pagent winner. It's HILARIOUS. She also thought she was fat back then. WHAT THE?! But on a happy note, Ally has lost ten pounds! Isnt that awesome? I wont talk about my weight. I'm prego, it's a moot point.

Anyway, after Ally's and I's convo I needed to eat. Jon was working at the Jazz game, so I got in the car and drove erractically around looking for a Thai food place. FOUND ONE! Got some curry, came home and woofed it down. I am currently eating the leftovers for lunch. My pregnancy book says the baby will have a taste for the things that I eat from here on out. SO this is what Kingston will like: pop-tarts, thai food, soup, and popsicles. That's usually what I eat. Except lately I've been way into icecream. ICECREAM!! yuummm. I want an ice cream sandwich.

Last night Kingston was moving around a lot. It kinda freaked me out because it was random and he would just kick and it scared me then I would start laughing. Then Jon got home and I had a legit meltdown telling him about one of my students who cried golf ball sized tears yesterday when his mom didn't make it in time for our "Publishing Party" (the kids wrote stories and we invited the parents to come watch them read them). He clung on to me asking me why she didnt come. It was so sad. So I was bawling and then laughing at myself. Teaching is making me even more of a baby.

Well I should probably go watch some Grey's Anatomy while Jon's still working. Love you!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Worry, I'm still Alive.

So its Thursday night. 10:41 PM. This is the time that I usually get into bed, read a page of a pregnancy book, call Jon in to read scriptures and then it's lights out by 11. Yes, I am a grandma. But I wanted to post the following post:

This blog post was originally typed out on my blackberry while lying on my death bed. (I didn't have the strength to get my computer and turn it on)
I have been sick with the influenza since last wednesday. I blame it on two things: a profesh prenatal message I got that released tons of toxins into my body, and also my snot ridden 1st grades who sneeze on me. I blame the fact that I'm not better and its five days later on being prego. You really can't take any medicine because it could hurt the baby. So while I'd normally be popping flu meds and nyquil on the every four hour dot, I am laying on my bed with a cold towel on my head trying to extract the fever. Its not fun.
But on a brighter note, we got to see Kingston last week! I'm gonna try and see if I can figure out how to post the video they gave us on here. He looks so cute! He's huge! I can feel him moving around in my tummy every once and awhile. Its such a crazy feeling. I'm also stepping out of the awkward fat stage and looking legit prego...but only when I stick my belly out and walk like I just got off a horse...but it totally works!

Jon got a real man job and just finished his first week! He likes it so far, which is great! His schedule is pretty flexible too since he gets to make his own hours during the day, so I really like that. I will especially like that when the baby boy comes out! I plan on teaching for awhile so it really is a blessing that he found a job that is so flexible. We are pretty blessed.

I hope everyone Januarys were great, can u believe its almost February? I'm going to have to give birth soon....I'm terrified!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have long hair.

Happy 2011!!!!! I hope everyone's new years was great. Of COURSE a new year will make you reflect on the last and I did that, and realized how lucky I am. I married the perfect man for me, and now he's my baby daddy! I also got a great job AND my hair got super long this year too. It's legit cascading down my back now and I've said it before and I'll say it again, being in love makes your hair grow. Thank you JON. <3

Yikes, I can't believe it's already January 12th. Almost halfway through? Crazy. I am four and a half months pregnant. That's even crazier. People have asked me to post pictures of my prego belly. uhhhhh GROSS!! hahah. Honestly I'm just still at that awkward stage where I just look fat, but people probably wonder if i'm pregnant but don't want to ask because what if i'm not? Yeah...thats the stage I'm at.

My students are hilarious. Here's an example from today. One of my girls came up to me and told me she loves Justin Bieber. I asked her what song was her favorite and she spouted a couple off then told me she also likes David Enchilada. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA. Youre welcome.

Love you!