Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Blowdryer.

Like the new header? I'm glad I live with Ally. She knows all about the blogging world and I'm not so great at the pictures and the headers but thanks to a great sis and a great website ( my posts will be a little more legit.

Its the weekend! Its been a really good day. Kingston didn't whine to get out of bed til almost 10AM. He is DEFINITELY our child. Ally and I went to the gym this morning (after that 2008 bod over here) and then we went bee boppin around town.

Last night I went to see Twlight: Breaking Dawn. It was....interesting. There were some hardcore cheeseball parts. But overall it was entertaining. I used to be a team Jacob fan but after this movie I was kinda Team Edward. He just loves Bella so much. But its a little freaky too.

Today while browsing the PostSecret app on my iphone I came across this:

I may of tweeted it to JB. He needs to see this and he needs to fly to Ohio immediately. And then Ellen needs to go too so that it's filmed on the show so i can watch it and cry. Speaking of crying...I BAWLED watching Regis's last show. Is that normal?

Well with Turkey Day right around the corner we all should be thinking about all the things we are grateful for. For the next FOUR days I will blog daily about the things that I am Thankful for. I know you are sitting at the edge of your seat saying "WHAT? Meghan is going to blog four days straight..AWESOME!!"

Here is something I am grateful for:

The other day my blowdryer decided to only blow cold air. Did I sit in the bathroom for 30 minutes today taking it apart trying to "clean" it out so it would work again? Maybe. But the chi has seen its better days so I had to break down and buy a new one. Of course my new conair doesnt leave my hair silky like the chi but it does the job and I am grateful for it. Because without a blow dryer...I look a lot like this:

Minus any make up because if my hair isnt done, this face stays plain. Which NOBODY can be grateful for.

Well, its off to bed for me! See back tomorrow for other things I am grateful for. PEACE AND BLESSING!