Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prince Edward

So I work at the apartment complex I live at and today I'm in the office and I open the drawer that has all the lost and found it in to see if there's anything cool...and I came across a CD entitled, "Sometimes I want to be having sex right now!" Seriously it's called that, so I popped it in and the sweet sounds of this particular girl's fantasies come blaring across my speakers and who else do I think about but....Edward.

Yep, I'm about to blog about Edward Cullen.

I love this topic of conversation because most guys I know roll their eyes and get kinda weirded out that us girls are insanely obsessed with this "fictional character"..and they always ask why and I dont know if there is really just one answer...but I think I pinpointed it down to one foundational quality. Edward Cullen is a man of noble chivalry. He is generous with his time (always with her), a protector against all danger, he calls her when he says he will, he takes her out on dates, I'm sure he opens doors, gives her his coat if she's cold, comes over at 3am when she just can't sleep, makes her breakfast in bed, walks her to class, and he probably already knows what to get her for Christmas...But most of all he respects Bella. He doesn't ask her to do anything that would jeapordize her standards or conflict with her own ethics. He truly thinks she is a precious blessing in his life and doesn't want to ever lose her. ahhh the chivalrous prince!! This is all us girls want...a little door opening, puddle covering, and hand holding.

I think Stephenie Meyer really wanted to awaken a dead quality that most girls have had to cross off her list of "things she wants in a boyfriend". Chivalry is now undead. Thanks Edward!