Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am a MOTHER!

Oh my goodness! I HAD MY BABY!

Lets start from the beginning.

Sunday May 29th was a normal Sunday. We went to church, came home and took a little nap, then headed over to Jon's parents to do our laundry. His whole family was gone to Logan to see family and put some flowers on graves. My doctor told me I couldn't go so close to my due date. So Katie and Jaxon came over, Jon grilled up some steak and after dinner the rest of the family got home.We spent the evening finishing our laundry and watching Wild Hogs and Undercover Boss with the fam.

We got back to our apartment and I immediately got into bed to finish reading Tina Feys book, Bossypants. Ten minutes later I called Jon in to go get me some medicine because I was feeling sick. Ten minutes after that I started peeing my pants but it wasn't pee. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom legit freaking out because it was definitely my water breaking. Not to be disgusting but it was everywhere! Jon was running back and forth with his hands on his head saying "what do we do?" over and over again. After a lot of running around and freaking out we got in the car and headed to the hospital.

It was 1030PM when we got to the hospital. I started getting HARDCORE contractions around 3AM. I'm not gonna lie, they hurt so bad. It was terrible. I honestly have no idea how women have natural births. WOOF. So by 330AM I was ready for my epidural. That thing is heaven. It doesnt even hurt to get it either. I mean I'm used to giving myself a shot everyday from my odd blood disease and to be honest, that shot hurts more than the epidural did! SO then it was just a waiting game. I was FINALLY dialated to a 9 at 2PM the following afternoon. So i was trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself to push when my nurse was checking me and then immediately started saying EMERGENCY C SECTION in her little microphone and all of a sudden I was being ran down the hall to the operating room. Two minutes later, Kingston was born. (Jon tells a gross version of the story since he saw them cutting my insides apart but I will not get into that) It all happened so fast and we ended up finding out that the umbilical cord was coming out before King's head and in turn was cutting off his oxygen supply. He came out and wasnt breathing. They had to use those paddles on him! But after all was said and done, I survived child birth and our sweet little baby came into this world (a little dead) at 2:20PM on May 30th. He was 6 pounds 14 oz and 20.5 inches long. The sweetest little thing I have EVER seen. Legit.

My sweet boy getting monitered in the NICU. He was only in there for an hour until they said he was perfectly healthy :)

Sleeping. He is so cute.

About to leave the hospital!

Kingston's first professional photo shoot. He peed everywhere and looked mad the whole time. LOVE him!

Oh my goodness, I have the cutest baby ever. And this is officially the longest post ever. I'm a mom! It's insane. I can't even believe it. But I am so lucky. He is such a good baby.

Until next time.
a happy mama.

ps, Jon has created a "family blog" check it out. We will both we writing in it. The Wolf Pack