Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quote of my LIFE!

While browsing my favorite quote page today I came across this one:

One day you will meet someone,

And you know that whatever you did before,
It must have been right...
Because nothing you've done could be too bad,
Or have gone too far wrong,
Because it led you to this person.

I was reading my journal the other day and I actually wrote a month or so before I met Jon that I was worried that maybe I missed him. Maybe I had dated someone else when I should have been single ready for the one to find me....I was kinda freaking out that I had made too many mistakes or something. But then, that perfect summer day...I met him. Cue: todays quote.

Thank goodness.

Oh look, We're the same person. LOVE HIM!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Blogging two days in a row?

Well it's Friday night, Jon's three hours away and I have nothing do to. Actually I have a weekend TODO this of about seventeen things, but it's been a long week and I'm just not into doing anything having to do with school tonight.

I am embarassed that I never tell my funny 2nd grader stories. Mainly they all have to do with farts. But today a sweet little boy told me he loved me as he hugged me and told me I was the best and prettiest teacher he's ever had. The crazy week of planning and teaching and being tired was payed off with that sweet remark. There's nothing like a seven year old telling you he loves you because youre his teacher. It's such a rewarding profession. I'm lucky.

I hope everyone's weeks were great. Get some sleep this weekend....cause thats what I'm gonna do! :)

ps, i get married in 82 days. HOLLA!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm about ready to be done with school and married. Decorate our tiny apartment, only clean up after him and I, blog more, sleep more, do married people "stuff", but most importantly I'm just excited to be with Jon all the time.

Yesterday Lorraine Ricker passed away. She was the mom that pretty much everyone loved. I remember going over to her house in high school during my early release period and she would have a snack ready for Alan and I. She was always laughing, always loud, and always in a good mood. Ally and I were talking about how we never saw her moody or anything. I am sad to say that when Jon came to Texas I didn't bring him over to meet her. After I got back to Idaho my dad told me he had seen the Ricker's and she told my dad to scold me for not having him over so she could approve of him. hahaha. She will be missed. I love you Lorraine! I'm glad we have you to watch over us until we meet again....

So lately I've been stalking craft blogs like mad, I have this dresser that I'm in the process of painting. I'm adding some knobs as well. I love crafting! It's so relaxing and SO wife-like! hahahhaa. I'll be posting pics of the finished product :)

I got my student teaching placement! I'll be teaching 5th grade at Fremont Elementary in Salt Lake. I'm sorta nervous about 5th grade because I have never been in an older classroom, but I NEED the experience and I'm very very excited! I've been SO lucky so far with getting great cooperating teachers...I hope my luck doesn't run out. Teaching is my passion. I've grown so much just this semester with my skills in the classroom. I have learned a lot and Heavenly Father is blessing me with the tme, ability, and confidence that I CAN teach and I will be able to get a job and make a difference in at least one child's life..

Well I better get back to my dresser! I hope everyone is having an amazing week. Peace in the middle east.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


So I was stalking  Stephj's blog and saw this "shabbychic" blog thing and so i started browsing and found my current flower background...i HAD to use it because it's called "Megan". I immediately knew it was fate.

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. Well it's 12:15pm so i guess it's the afternoon, but whatever. Waking up at 6am everyday during the week is making it impossible for me to sleep past 8 on the weekends! GAY! But it's probably fine because I have already gotten all my laundry done, and started working on my lesson for sunday school tomorrow.

I'm just really happy.
(but look semi-creep in this pic)

and it's probably because I wear this everyday:

and its so much more than a ring to me.

Me and My Boo! (he's now mustache free)

With Jaxon (James and Katie's adorable son) Jon's gonna be such a good dad! (when the time is right PEOPLE)

Me Mads and Jon just loving each other!!

98 more days til we are rollin up and getting married HERE!

UM, how cute are Mom and Maddie? Miss you!

WELL you can probably tell that I learned how to include pictures in a post today! haha. ENJOY! Have a great weekend. Love yall.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Apple to My Hazel Eyes.

One annoying thing: My lamp light flickers.

SO I used to be sad because I lost my camera charger...then I saw that my roommate has the same one! YESSS. That does still mean I'll have to get a new one at the end of summer, but until then: CHARGE ON CAMERA, Charge on!!!

This Saturday was so amazing. I decided to go to Idaho Falls to get my ring cleaned and do some shopping with my sis and a couple friends. So we're at the ring store and I turn around and BAM, there's the love of my life, the apple to my eye (whatever that means), the reason I wake up happy JON!!!!!!!! We havent seen each other in two long weeks, so he decided to surprise me. It comes as a complete shock that Ally kept this a secret....

We didn't do anything special, especially because I live in Rexburg, but as we were cuddling that night after watching a movie, I looked at him and fell a little more in love. And a strong wave of emotion ran through me and I thought: "He's The One." I know it! I mean I've always known it, but just like our testimonies, we go through times when Heavenly Father blesses us with a clarity-of-mind experience. This was the kind that made my heart flutter and my love grow for this wonderful man I'm so lucky to have met and fall in love with. It was a very special moment for me. So I thought I'd blog it.

Hope everyone's week goes well! God bless. I love you.