Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Apple to My Hazel Eyes.

One annoying thing: My lamp light flickers.

SO I used to be sad because I lost my camera charger...then I saw that my roommate has the same one! YESSS. That does still mean I'll have to get a new one at the end of summer, but until then: CHARGE ON CAMERA, Charge on!!!

This Saturday was so amazing. I decided to go to Idaho Falls to get my ring cleaned and do some shopping with my sis and a couple friends. So we're at the ring store and I turn around and BAM, there's the love of my life, the apple to my eye (whatever that means), the reason I wake up happy JON!!!!!!!! We havent seen each other in two long weeks, so he decided to surprise me. It comes as a complete shock that Ally kept this a secret....

We didn't do anything special, especially because I live in Rexburg, but as we were cuddling that night after watching a movie, I looked at him and fell a little more in love. And a strong wave of emotion ran through me and I thought: "He's The One." I know it! I mean I've always known it, but just like our testimonies, we go through times when Heavenly Father blesses us with a clarity-of-mind experience. This was the kind that made my heart flutter and my love grow for this wonderful man I'm so lucky to have met and fall in love with. It was a very special moment for me. So I thought I'd blog it.

Hope everyone's week goes well! God bless. I love you.