Saturday, January 26, 2013

One and Only

Tonight, Ally, Dan and I decided to take Kingston to his first real jazz bball game. I took him to a preseason scrimmage but we needed him to experience the real thing.

He loved it!! He was so focused on the ball the whole time. He was completely mesmerized. He wasn't into being on the court with the jazz bear though...he is straight up terrified of him!

The Jazz ended up winning and it was a fun time :)


Sunday, January 20, 2013

My son is adorable. That is all.

Last night we went out to celebrate Josie's bday. Baby Emree is a month old. She is so so tiny still! After dinner we came back to our house and Ally and I fought over taking care of her. Ha ha. Even her poopy diaper was cute. I mean she is just so perfect.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Wow! It's 2013. The world didn't end like the Mayans and the "doomsday preppers" (gotta catch an episode of those crazy people) said!

We rang in the new year with friends! It was a good time and now I'm back to reality! It's so rough getting back in the work routine after a long break!

Highlights from 2012:

-Our Caribbean cruise with our friends! That was so fun!
-We made the move to Saratoga Springs. We love it!!
-Kingston turned one.
-Ally and Dan got married!

It was a good year! Of course we had our fair share of trials which are never fun, but we only get better from enduring then :)

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a good January so far!