Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Auntie Ally and other news

Greetings from Salt Lake! We are surviving our first weeks of being parents. I can't believe Kingston is already over five weeks old. CRAZY! He is currently eating...his favorite past time. He's gaining like a pound a that normal? He's still little but he is SO much heavier than he was when he was born. Anyway, enough annoying mom stuff.

Ally came into town last week! It was so fun to see her. We worked on our tans for a couple days which I ended up with i'm pretty sure what is called a third degree burn. There was definite bubbling of the skin so I've been avoiding the sun since. She went up to Idaho and came back in LOVE! Kingston loved her and can't wait to see Auntie Ally again :)

Now I'm just looking forward to my mom coming and meeting my little man. I also start working again in two weeks! I'm excited for a new class but I kinda wish school didn't start until September...or October.

In other exciting news, Josie, got married last weekend. She went to Mexico for her honeymoon and I can't wait to hear how amazing that was! She was a beautiful bride. Brad is a very lucky man!

We had a good 4th of July weekend as well. Gotta love celebrating our Nation's Bday! I hope everyone had a good 4th :)

Peace and Blessings!