Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 is ending good

Lindsey and Nate totally hit it off! Yes, I am currently self-proclaiming the title of Best MatchMaker 2009. They get along so great and it makes my heart soar! They were both over at my apartment this weekend to celebrate my birthday and they are so hot together. Pictures to come....

Another awesome thing, I finally roped in a boyfriend. His name is Jonathan and he makes me laugh really hard. I mean I've had a rough run ladies and gentlemen, from a mission-waiting experience gone completely wrong, wondering why only weird guys asked me out, to unrequited love, and a couple broken hearts on both ends along the way, as silly as it sounds, I was wondering when something, anything would work out in my favor! ahhh he's great. I mean, who doesnt want someone awesome to be obsessed with them? I'm obsessed with him too....

Also, I really miss my little sister, Ally. Seriously. Idaho is bouncing into winter rather quickly and I always have a cold and she's not here to go get me a drink!

You know what I just thought? 2009 is ending a lot better than it started.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Love Love!

So I havent been funny in awhile...lame! Ive just been struggling lately. But hopefully after this weekend I'll have a funny story or two to tell because I'm trying my hand at...MATCHMAKING!! My friends Lindsey and Nate are metting and it is about time because I personally think they will be perfect for each other! :) if any of you know them you know they are very passionate and full of put it the best way. This could be terrible, or this could be great! but seriously, look she even brought him a barbie cake! match made in heaven..yes!

I'm excited! I LOVE love (thank you The Format) and I want people to be in it. :)
ps, anyone wanna spot me a grand for school this semester? that would be awesome, i accept personal checks, money orders, and cash! thanks :)