Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's February?!

The past three weeks since I went off track have gone by so fast. I go back to school tomorrow! I have loved my time off, especially because I've been home with Kingston, but I am excited to see my class again. I always miss them when we go off track. Speaking of Kingston, this week he started crawling!! He is all over the place and loving life.

It's been a busy few weeks! We are officially settling in Saratoga Springs! We are moving slowly into our place and I'm so excited :). Is it weird that I'm ecstatic about having a garage to do crafts? We are excited for a new adventure.

During my second week of being off we went on a cruise. It was a blast! (once i got over my anxiety to leave my baby) There was ten of us total which made traveling fun! It was my first cruise experience and it was just wonderful.

We ported in Key West, The Cayman Islands and Jamaica. We did awesome excursions in every port. I mean I parasailed, swam with dolphins, ran away (swimming would have made more sense but no I ran) from several large sting rays, zip lined through the jungle canopy of Jamaica (so gorgeous) and floated down a river. Many checks off the bucket list. Jon and I decided we are going to go on many more cruises and cant wait to bring our kids on fun excursions!

I was so excited to see Kingston the night we got back. There is nothing like that smile.

Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment :)