Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well, I made it back to Rexburg. School doesnt start until Tuesday SO at least I can blog a little bit, and hopefully finish the book I'm currently reading. (Catching Fire...the second book after The Hunger Games) If you havent read The Hunger Games yet, GET ON IT! Seriously, just do it, you won't regret it.

But being back here is just fine. Luckily I have my little sis here and some fun girls to live with for the semester. But I am totally missing Jon. A lot more than I thought I would. Guess it's real love I'm dealing with here...I'm so lucky. We skyped today, HILARIOUS. I had the genius idea to just always be skyping so its like we are always together! It totally makes sense. He just made fun of me. BOYS! ;)

I can't believe I only have ONE SEMESTER left of classes. I feel like I shouldve been done a loooong time ago, but I was never ready. Now I am. It's gonna be a stressful semester, but I'm excited to get it going and done! One step closer to being a real teacher :)

Today in church we were talking about when Moses was stuck in the wilderness with the escaped slaves. They were murmuring (which by the way did you know that if you murmer it deteriorates your MEMORY?! just fyi) but anyway they were complaining about not having any food, and Moses prayed to the Lord and the Lord sent manna. This was not what the people were expecting. Oftentimes our own lives are like that. We experience a trial, get a result, and wonder why we are recieving that particular blessing. But it's not because Heavenly Father doesnt want to give us exactly what we want, it's just that He blesses us with exactly what we need. He always will. That lesson was a good reminder to me, that although I've had my struggles (I know me? struggle? WEIRD) I have been so blessed. Exactly what i need, exactly when I've needed it. The Lord Loves Us. SO much. He will never leave us alone. He will neve forsake us. He is very quick to forgive (thank goodness). He shines when we choose the right. I just hope that I can be continue becoming the woman He knows I am.

Thats all. :)