Thursday, December 18, 2008

FB Reality

Some things are so funny because they are so true.

Facebooking. It's become a verb. If it were put into the dictionary it would probably look something like this:

facebook: stalking

It's what we do these days. "Oh i'm just checking my fb" (a sentance that most people could say about three times a day). It has taken over many lives and im sure at least 5, 000 people in Rexburg alone would feel actual withdrawal feelings if for some reason facebook was off limits for a week.

Im not gonna lie, I love it. I have it on my phone and checking all my friend's recent status changes is just one quick click away! It is a great way to keep in touch with family, friends, and even keep tabs on those enemies we love to stalk.

But I'm not blogging about how amazing fb is or about my own addiction to the site, I'm here to say that Facebook ruins relationships. Yeah...seriously, it really does. Let me give you a couple examples that happen all across the fb world, probably about 234 times daily, and have actually happened to me personally, or someone I know well.

ex 1:

So you fall in love. You are officially an item on facebook and everything. one day you see that your significant other has some random comment on their wall about some inside joke/past situation with this person and then you get in a fight about trust and this continues everytime someone writes on their wall that you dont know. it escalates to an out of control level...and finally you are single once again. if facebook was never created, you probably would have gotten married...

ex 2:

So you have a crush on someone. So, naturally, you check out their fb page daily (maybe more than once..depending on the severity of the crush) so one night your checking out their page and you notice some comment on their wall and you get ragey jealous and think to yourself (and sometimes outloud) "who is that writing on their wall" you want to know how they know each other, if they made out lately or something, and if there's any way you can get them to die.

ex 3:

You have a fresh and new relationship...fragile, yet important. Suddenly you are defending yourself because they think you are with other people because you're tagged in pictures/have friends of the opposite sex. The budding, wonderful relationhip ends, because assuming makes the ass out of everyone.

ex 4:

You know so much about the person from stalking them on facebook that you actually creep them out in real life and any relationship that you would have had cannot happen because you know about the trip they took to hawaii two years ago and the dinner they ate in cape cod at that restaurant that had that "weird" waitress.

if you get a girlfriend/boyfriend, you may want to sit down, go through your entire list of friends and explain anything about the people that may just happen to write on your wall/tag a picture of you. its the only way to keep the love alive.