Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Important Things


A LOT has happened. Like: I surprised my family and went to Texas, I started gaining my "winter coat", I laughed til I cried (mainly with Steph), I said goodbye to crappy friends and their non-stop drama, I ripped off my eyelash extensions (resulted in stubs) but they are growing back :), I slipped and almost broke my ankle on the Rexburg ice, I failed e v e r y single math test I took, I drank one plus Horkley's a day, I realized what a good friend is, I got mystic tanned (soo classic), I realized that some people never change, I decided that nobody's idea of me means more than God's, I realized that when Conan O'Brian stops his show my life will be imcomplete, BUT most importantly, I fell in love with Jonathan Stoddard.
Another thing I learned is that life isn't
to be perfect,
but it can be pretty close. I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who blesses me ten-fold when I try my best to follow Him. I have learned that life works out just the way it's supposed to.
Thank goodness.
I hope everyone's holiday season is full of family, friends, and the realization that life is a blessing. Don't take it for granted. Live life the way YOU want to live it; that is the only true key to happiness.
That and fudge. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sick Mullin's

Something kind of funny to imagine is my whole family having the flu at the same time. its happening right now...i'm glad im in idaho, but I kinda wish I was there (not sick of course) to see this, document it with live footage, and make everlasting memories. I get my sick attitude from my mom. If I feel any ounce of sickness I immediately tell everyone "i'm sick" and need a million things from them. Mainly a sprite (only to be drank when sick), a blankie, or probably everyone's favorite to "hold my hand". I'm pretty bad, but my mom is even worse. ahhhhahhaa. Sorry Fam, I wish I was there to help you out. :)

It snowed in Rexburg yesterday. It melted. Thank goodness.

It's gonna be a LONG winter.

Well thats all I have for now. GET WELL SOON FAMILY. Oh and Watch NIENIE tomorrow on Oprah. If you havent checked her blog out, please do! She is my personal hero, legit.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 is ending good

Lindsey and Nate totally hit it off! Yes, I am currently self-proclaiming the title of Best MatchMaker 2009. They get along so great and it makes my heart soar! They were both over at my apartment this weekend to celebrate my birthday and they are so hot together. Pictures to come....

Another awesome thing, I finally roped in a boyfriend. His name is Jonathan and he makes me laugh really hard. I mean I've had a rough run ladies and gentlemen, from a mission-waiting experience gone completely wrong, wondering why only weird guys asked me out, to unrequited love, and a couple broken hearts on both ends along the way, as silly as it sounds, I was wondering when something, anything would work out in my favor! ahhh he's great. I mean, who doesnt want someone awesome to be obsessed with them? I'm obsessed with him too....

Also, I really miss my little sister, Ally. Seriously. Idaho is bouncing into winter rather quickly and I always have a cold and she's not here to go get me a drink!

You know what I just thought? 2009 is ending a lot better than it started.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Love Love!

So I havent been funny in awhile...lame! Ive just been struggling lately. But hopefully after this weekend I'll have a funny story or two to tell because I'm trying my hand at...MATCHMAKING!! My friends Lindsey and Nate are metting and it is about time because I personally think they will be perfect for each other! :) if any of you know them you know they are very passionate and full of put it the best way. This could be terrible, or this could be great! but seriously, look she even brought him a barbie cake! match made in heaven..yes!

I'm excited! I LOVE love (thank you The Format) and I want people to be in it. :)
ps, anyone wanna spot me a grand for school this semester? that would be awesome, i accept personal checks, money orders, and cash! thanks :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Call me Julia

Here she is. The book I've decided to get. I will be working my way through this book. It'll take years I'm sure! But I'm going to master the art of cooking! It's time.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shoot for the stars my friends.

my friends know im emo. alright, i really am. im that one person crying when the winner gets selected for Idol, or the lone ranger in the theater during Transformers who's crying when shia finally tells megan fox he loves her. (but seriously that was the best "i love you" ever.) im like Peyton from One Tree Hill but with no real reason to be. i mean my mom is still alive and my dad doesnt travel the sea on boat. no wonder i always found her annoying....shes my emotional twin....

so tonight my friend and i went to dinner. hes real into CIA stuff, ya know? like the kind where you kill the bad guy with a sniper gun from the top of some building. and as we were talking about that i realized that he was made to be into that and I was made to be emotional, and i have to embrace that i have always been this way. it has it's pros for growing up if i wanted something BAM, tears. If i want something now, BAM, tears. haha, not really but the emotional play up can come into handy. i just need to learn how to hone this power in better when dealing with the boys. i'm "shady" as they say, and its probably because i cant say "i like you" which could be extremely confusing considering my dating track record. i just come home and get my pink spiral with hearts all over it out and write about how i like how they make fun of my loud somewhat annoying laugh, or how my heart is going to burst one day because they make me happy. i wish i could SAY it though. that'd be sweet. but just like my friend is gonna have to practice shooting at targets until he shoots the terrorist in real life, i'll have to practice shooting my feelings onto the boys until i finally meet the one who doesnt need me to say it exactly as he probably will deserve it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mulling it over

ew im eating this bagel sandwich and it is just getting everywhere.

anyway, its Thursday. Big Day around the office....not. My boss is about to have her baby and im supposed to be replacing burnt out light bulbs this very minute. I'm a very busy woman. according to my work my time is almost free to them. sure does make me feel great about myself.

so the last few days i've been thinking a few things...

like about how annoying it is that people don't say how they truly feel. maybe its to spare someone's feelings, or maybe it's because they are afraid of what will change. recently, i told a person that i would not talk to him anymore. this has been tried before and failed everytime. but only because i was never expressing to him how i truly felt. finally i did it! i told him in the nicest way possible that he sucks and i dont need it. and ya know, the truth has set me free! i wish more people would try the truth vest on. it looks great!

i've also been thinking about relationships. maybe because i'm lonely here in rexburg and all my friends are doing more fun things at home with their families/friends and i miss them. i am so solidily sure that happiness is only happiness when shared. the things that matter in life are not things. they are people. i love my people. i miss them!

i've also been thinking about regret. its a real thing ya know? there are so many decisions that i've made that have led me to where i am and i'm so grateful for them. but there are a couple that i wish i could take back and choose something else. or more importantly, someone else. luckily i have hope for the future. :)

im sorry this isnt funny. i promise i'll come up with something yall can laugh at soon!

--all my love from idaho.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lame comeback

alright, so after a long reprieve of me being so absent, i'm going to have to blog something great. hmmm. one thing i do want to mention is the blog SO good, so tragic, so hopeful. Stephanie is such a strong person and I look up to her so much. its worth a glance, or a few hours of reading, crying, and wanting to be a better person in return. love her :)

so school is rough when youre about to be done. i cant believe my college experience is almost over. NUTS! I mean on one hand i've been going to school for too long, and on the other, I am terrified to grow up and try and convince some principal somewhere that i can teach those eight year olds all the things they need to know to go on to the next grade. luckily im the kind of person that worries about bridges when its time to cross them, so its not making me too anxious...even though it probably should.

my family is moving to a city four hours from where i grew up. bittersweet! itll be good. right? its just gonna be so weird going "home".

this is not even interesting! oh well. here are a couple summer break highlights so far:

The Drive to Texas...killing birds, no AC, getting lost in the worst state ever, and finally making it a total of 37 hours later.

Texas...i love my family.

Utah. I love Josie. I love Cafe Rio. I love Courtney. I love attractive boys.

Washington in one week! :)

okay, im done.

I'm Back...

whoa five months is a long time. I got busy. And now i'm un-busy. But i have no new ideas on what to blog about. ill come up with something :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hollywood's Finest

Let's set the scene.
It's a Friday night and you have nothing to do. Ladies you opt for the default activity: "GIIIRRRLS NIIIGHT!" complete with cookies, popcorn and your favorite chick flick. Guys, your decision to watch an action packed thriller doesn't involve getting excited about comfy pjs all night, or face masks, BUT the same idea as "girls night" ensues in your own living room.

The stereotypical movies made for the genders are really hurting us in the long run. They are skewing our perspective on ourselves and the opposite sex. Guys cannot drive a motorcycle at 135mph, shoot every single person after them straight between the eyes, AND jump onto a moving van to save the girl. And ladies, you don't work for a popular New York magazine, and no guy is going to be chasing you down a busy highway just to say "bull-shit" because he's THAT in love with you. PUH-lease.

Hollywood is dishin it out hardcore. Think of all those movie moments when the lightbulb goes on for the guy and he suddenly knows exactly what's wrong and the perfect way to fix it. Then, cue the over-the-top gestures like sending flowers to her apartment every hour on the hour, showing up on her doorstep with a limited-edition copy of her favorite childhood book (which he recalls from a casual mention when they first started dating years ago), and serenading her from a concert hall. This is not real life. And honey...when was the last time you ran into a James Bond type man who saved you from that fire, and doesn't have one scratch on his body? And guys, when was the last time you had a convertible and a jet to take you to every location in the world where your "expertise" is needed to fight the most vicious of criminals? Entertaining, yes. But let's try and remember that the people we fall in love with aren't going to amaze us by dying and sending letters every week to your mail box from heaven, or be Eva Mendes the undercover cop stranded on a drug lord's yacht.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Textually Active

Texting is straight up second nature these days. My dad thinks I have crazy fingers when he sees me texting, but I'm not alone. I know some that text over 10, 000 messages a month. It's alarming, but I'm used to it. It's 1:46pm and I've already received 43 texts messages. Check your inbox, I'm sure the numbers are similar. Texting is how we communicate. Here are some everyday examples and some awkward scenarios that wouldn't exist without 'the text':

--Guy texts girl a simple question: "how was your day?"
Girl takes ten minutes and multiple suggestions from her roommates/friends before she replies.
This definitely goes both ways (I checked). But especially at the beginning stages of liking someone, you begin text flirting which really results in your roommates being the one writing what you're saying. I actually have a girl friend that will forward me what she wants to say to her crush and then ask me if that's okay to send. I'm 110% sure I'm not the only friend pre-approving texts.

--In any relationship, friend, more than friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, sibling, you can have misunderstandings over text because you can't hear the person's tone. I've gotten texts from my mom thinking she's mad when really she just texted "call me".

--You "accidentally" text that person you want to talk to. "Hey, thanks that was nice." "what?!" "oh sorry that was for someone else, opps, but how are you?!" CLASSY.

--Or how about this awkward scenario: you accidentally (for real) text the wrong person. "Brian is such a skeeve." "What? This is Brian"...followed by you feeling like an idiot for about an hour.

--Same room texting.

--Texting but never getting a reply...Do I send it again? (maybe they didnt get it) Do I assume this person rather not talk to me?

--Getting duplicated messages from that creeper in your science class.

--Your phone lights up and you think its a text but it's actually someone calling you, and you already accepted so you have to actually have a conversation. A feeling of awkwardness comes over you.

--Texting so much with someone but then when it person, you feel uncomfortable.

I'm sure most can relate, and it's funny because these situations would never happen if we didn't start texting like crazy since '06. But life is just like this.

Happy Texting!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm No Pink Lady

So the other day I came across a blog that made me laugh and feel justified at the same time. The site is For those of you who read my blog which literally includes my roommates, best friend josie and my parents, you all know I'm Mormon. If you havent checked out this site, you probably should. Maybe it'd be an eye opener to my dad who probably is starting to worry about my marriage potential because I have been at "Byu-I-Do" for almost four years now. But if you come across this and you arent a member of my church, you can most likely relate to the blog because it talks about certain mistakes that every girl makes that make them less "dateable" or less worthy of eternal marriage. I'm just throwin that out there, because I think it's worth a glance or two. BUT lets get to the real topic of this entry.

So today while in church, I sat by my friend Randy. I asked him how his weekend was and later on in the conversation his roommate, Bryan, piped in that they both had been asked out on dates. Randy replied with "yeah, we got asked was HOT!" This exact sentence throws off everything my mother has always taught me. Because in her generation it was considered inappropriate to ask out guys...girls that did the asking, or let the guys know what she wanted (ex. Rizzo from Grease) were labeled "easy" and most likely ended up pregnant...(as did our rebel Pink Lady). BUT the issue at hand is that roles or rules about dating have in a way stopped. I wouldnt go as far as saying they have reversed because I still get asked out once in a while by a guy who genuinely wants to take me out and do things the traditional way. But in the dating scene these days it is pretty much a free for all and if you want to get anything to happen you have to take risks and chances that our moms never had to take. Which is cool, I guess. I'm not good at opening up to anyone that I have those "butterflies" for, and so this sometimes takes a tole on the relationship from ever budding to something more...but thats just my personal issue. The WORLD issue, minus those places were you are betrothed to someone older, gross and fat, is that if you like someone, tell them. John Mayer says it best. "Say what you need to say." At least you won't be left wondering.

But to the guys that are single and read my blog: Ask girls out. It's so attractive when a guy lets us know that he actually has balls and doesn't mind putting himself out there--all in the name of Love!! It's what we're all looking for anyway, right?