Saturday, March 7, 2009

Textually Active

Texting is straight up second nature these days. My dad thinks I have crazy fingers when he sees me texting, but I'm not alone. I know some that text over 10, 000 messages a month. It's alarming, but I'm used to it. It's 1:46pm and I've already received 43 texts messages. Check your inbox, I'm sure the numbers are similar. Texting is how we communicate. Here are some everyday examples and some awkward scenarios that wouldn't exist without 'the text':

--Guy texts girl a simple question: "how was your day?"
Girl takes ten minutes and multiple suggestions from her roommates/friends before she replies.
This definitely goes both ways (I checked). But especially at the beginning stages of liking someone, you begin text flirting which really results in your roommates being the one writing what you're saying. I actually have a girl friend that will forward me what she wants to say to her crush and then ask me if that's okay to send. I'm 110% sure I'm not the only friend pre-approving texts.

--In any relationship, friend, more than friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, sibling, you can have misunderstandings over text because you can't hear the person's tone. I've gotten texts from my mom thinking she's mad when really she just texted "call me".

--You "accidentally" text that person you want to talk to. "Hey, thanks that was nice." "what?!" "oh sorry that was for someone else, opps, but how are you?!" CLASSY.

--Or how about this awkward scenario: you accidentally (for real) text the wrong person. "Brian is such a skeeve." "What? This is Brian"...followed by you feeling like an idiot for about an hour.

--Same room texting.

--Texting but never getting a reply...Do I send it again? (maybe they didnt get it) Do I assume this person rather not talk to me?

--Getting duplicated messages from that creeper in your science class.

--Your phone lights up and you think its a text but it's actually someone calling you, and you already accepted so you have to actually have a conversation. A feeling of awkwardness comes over you.

--Texting so much with someone but then when it person, you feel uncomfortable.

I'm sure most can relate, and it's funny because these situations would never happen if we didn't start texting like crazy since '06. But life is just like this.

Happy Texting!


Ally said...

Love it.

Stephanie Johnson said...

Great Post! Seriously, it's insane how text messaging can leave a person feeling awkward around a person if they don't reply or whatever! Loved it!!

Chase and Paige said...

you can't text while driving a car in CA... so annoying! i am completely capable of texting at a red light or stop sign and driving well while the car IS moving!