Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm No Pink Lady

So the other day I came across a blog that made me laugh and feel justified at the same time. The site is For those of you who read my blog which literally includes my roommates, best friend josie and my parents, you all know I'm Mormon. If you havent checked out this site, you probably should. Maybe it'd be an eye opener to my dad who probably is starting to worry about my marriage potential because I have been at "Byu-I-Do" for almost four years now. But if you come across this and you arent a member of my church, you can most likely relate to the blog because it talks about certain mistakes that every girl makes that make them less "dateable" or less worthy of eternal marriage. I'm just throwin that out there, because I think it's worth a glance or two. BUT lets get to the real topic of this entry.

So today while in church, I sat by my friend Randy. I asked him how his weekend was and later on in the conversation his roommate, Bryan, piped in that they both had been asked out on dates. Randy replied with "yeah, we got asked was HOT!" This exact sentence throws off everything my mother has always taught me. Because in her generation it was considered inappropriate to ask out guys...girls that did the asking, or let the guys know what she wanted (ex. Rizzo from Grease) were labeled "easy" and most likely ended up pregnant...(as did our rebel Pink Lady). BUT the issue at hand is that roles or rules about dating have in a way stopped. I wouldnt go as far as saying they have reversed because I still get asked out once in a while by a guy who genuinely wants to take me out and do things the traditional way. But in the dating scene these days it is pretty much a free for all and if you want to get anything to happen you have to take risks and chances that our moms never had to take. Which is cool, I guess. I'm not good at opening up to anyone that I have those "butterflies" for, and so this sometimes takes a tole on the relationship from ever budding to something more...but thats just my personal issue. The WORLD issue, minus those places were you are betrothed to someone older, gross and fat, is that if you like someone, tell them. John Mayer says it best. "Say what you need to say." At least you won't be left wondering.

But to the guys that are single and read my blog: Ask girls out. It's so attractive when a guy lets us know that he actually has balls and doesn't mind putting himself out there--all in the name of Love!! It's what we're all looking for anyway, right?