Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy Bee

Well hello blog world! I've been so busy lately. As if I don't already have enough on my plate, I've decided to start up a little refinishing furniture business. A while back I was talking to the hubs about how much I love making hideous things beautiful. He has always been a supporter of my dreams (like how I refuse to quit teaching because I really HAVE to help those little cherubs) or simpler dreams like having to have an amaze balls nail polish collection. But he was a tad apprehensive about my latest dream so I showed him. I redid a side table, a desk and a coffee table. Took them up to a charming little nursery/shop in Fruit Heights and they sold in three days.

So now our garage is full of hideously beautiful garage sale finds waiting to get a second life!

What can I say? Just trying to make the world a more beautiful place one six year old reader and one beautiful piece of furniture at a time :)

Here are the completed projects over the last couple weeks. Im kinda bad at taking before pics but the ones that have two pics are before and afters I have finished a couple other things I didn't even take a picture of.

I also have my first legit client that I had never met before! The girl who owns the shop i have been consigning my pieces through referred him to me. He brought over a gorgeous dresser and I just finished it. I honestly didn't think it needed one thing changed but we wanted it more uniform. That's the last picture in the bunch.

Oh and happy mothers day! I will post baby k in his adorable shirt that he was wearing when he brought me breakfast in bed. Im pretty lucky.