Friday, May 27, 2011

I am currently sitting in the waiting room waiting to get a non stress test done, just to make sure little Kingston is doing okay! On to more important news: I am getting induced in exactly ONE week! Can you believe that? Weird. We didn't think it would be for awhile but this is our official last weekend of being child free! Jon is so adorable because he is so excited. I am not so adorable because I am completely terrified. It's like, I know I have to give birth. But I just don't want to. But Friday is going to come and I'm going to be strapped into that hospital bed and I'm going to be a mom.

My doctor also put me on bed rest so I won't be working for the last week of school. I mean I have to go in and say bye to my class but it will be nice to not have to deal with my third grade sized first grade bully for a couple days. I'm pretty sure he makes my blood pressure rise.

Well the next time I blog I will most likely have had the baby boy! Can you believe it?!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Month/16 Days.

Well I officially have one month left of being pregnant. I currently just spent at least an hour reading random stuff online about premature labor and labor in general. Being pregnant is weird because unless you have open friends and a good doctor, you are pretty much flyin blind. Everyone just says "it'll be worth it in the end". Well YEAH, its gonna be worth it, but um, hello, i NEED TO KNOW whats going to happen!

I got really lucky and got an amazing baby shower thrown for me a couple weeks ago! Katie did an amazing job preparing and it was such a good turn out! I felt so loved and blessed.

I have 16 days left of teaching! I am already having dreams about my new class. I got the roster and can't pronounce more than half of their names. One name haunts me. Se de la Be. What the heck? But I guess thinking about it, I had a hard time pronouncing most of the names of the kids I have now. I mean, there's Iragi. Pronounced Ear-ah-gee. I remember when I first started I called her so many versions of names the kids would end up laughing and saying her name over and over so I could get it. That's what you get when you mix a sheltered white girl into an inner-city school. But I LOVE it! I do love my job, I am doing what I have always wanted. It's been rewarding and I'm looking forward to a new bunch of kiddos...especially because my little first graders are turning into 2nd graders...for example today i overheard a couple of them talking about having a girlfriend and I freaked out! They are seven. Stop being old! Stop grossing me out. I told them they are not allowed to like anyone until they are sixteen. Most of them can't add up to sixteen so they think it's a lot longer than it is. Works for me!

Well I better go, Kingston is kicking me or pulling on his food cord because I havent even since lunch!