Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Month/16 Days.

Well I officially have one month left of being pregnant. I currently just spent at least an hour reading random stuff online about premature labor and labor in general. Being pregnant is weird because unless you have open friends and a good doctor, you are pretty much flyin blind. Everyone just says "it'll be worth it in the end". Well YEAH, its gonna be worth it, but um, hello, i NEED TO KNOW whats going to happen!

I got really lucky and got an amazing baby shower thrown for me a couple weeks ago! Katie did an amazing job preparing and it was such a good turn out! I felt so loved and blessed.

I have 16 days left of teaching! I am already having dreams about my new class. I got the roster and can't pronounce more than half of their names. One name haunts me. Se de la Be. What the heck? But I guess thinking about it, I had a hard time pronouncing most of the names of the kids I have now. I mean, there's Iragi. Pronounced Ear-ah-gee. I remember when I first started I called her so many versions of names the kids would end up laughing and saying her name over and over so I could get it. That's what you get when you mix a sheltered white girl into an inner-city school. But I LOVE it! I do love my job, I am doing what I have always wanted. It's been rewarding and I'm looking forward to a new bunch of kiddos...especially because my little first graders are turning into 2nd graders...for example today i overheard a couple of them talking about having a girlfriend and I freaked out! They are seven. Stop being old! Stop grossing me out. I told them they are not allowed to like anyone until they are sixteen. Most of them can't add up to sixteen so they think it's a lot longer than it is. Works for me!

Well I better go, Kingston is kicking me or pulling on his food cord because I havent even since lunch!


dlpower said...

Yeah! Congrats on being pregnant. I can't believe it's almost here. You'll do great. I appreciate your thoughts cause i feel mine will be around the same thing but maybe more freaked out. ha anyways jealous craig got to see you. Hope you're doing well.