Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hollywood's Finest

Let's set the scene.
It's a Friday night and you have nothing to do. Ladies you opt for the default activity: "GIIIRRRLS NIIIGHT!" complete with cookies, popcorn and your favorite chick flick. Guys, your decision to watch an action packed thriller doesn't involve getting excited about comfy pjs all night, or face masks, BUT the same idea as "girls night" ensues in your own living room.

The stereotypical movies made for the genders are really hurting us in the long run. They are skewing our perspective on ourselves and the opposite sex. Guys cannot drive a motorcycle at 135mph, shoot every single person after them straight between the eyes, AND jump onto a moving van to save the girl. And ladies, you don't work for a popular New York magazine, and no guy is going to be chasing you down a busy highway just to say "bull-shit" because he's THAT in love with you. PUH-lease.

Hollywood is dishin it out hardcore. Think of all those movie moments when the lightbulb goes on for the guy and he suddenly knows exactly what's wrong and the perfect way to fix it. Then, cue the over-the-top gestures like sending flowers to her apartment every hour on the hour, showing up on her doorstep with a limited-edition copy of her favorite childhood book (which he recalls from a casual mention when they first started dating years ago), and serenading her from a concert hall. This is not real life. And honey...when was the last time you ran into a James Bond type man who saved you from that fire, and doesn't have one scratch on his body? And guys, when was the last time you had a convertible and a jet to take you to every location in the world where your "expertise" is needed to fight the most vicious of criminals? Entertaining, yes. But let's try and remember that the people we fall in love with aren't going to amaze us by dying and sending letters every week to your mail box from heaven, or be Eva Mendes the undercover cop stranded on a drug lord's yacht.


Chase and Paige said...

i've seen mr. james bond in person. he's short but dreamy.