Saturday, May 8, 2010


So I was stalking  Stephj's blog and saw this "shabbychic" blog thing and so i started browsing and found my current flower background...i HAD to use it because it's called "Megan". I immediately knew it was fate.

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. Well it's 12:15pm so i guess it's the afternoon, but whatever. Waking up at 6am everyday during the week is making it impossible for me to sleep past 8 on the weekends! GAY! But it's probably fine because I have already gotten all my laundry done, and started working on my lesson for sunday school tomorrow.

I'm just really happy.
(but look semi-creep in this pic)

and it's probably because I wear this everyday:

and its so much more than a ring to me.

Me and My Boo! (he's now mustache free)

With Jaxon (James and Katie's adorable son) Jon's gonna be such a good dad! (when the time is right PEOPLE)

Me Mads and Jon just loving each other!!

98 more days til we are rollin up and getting married HERE!

UM, how cute are Mom and Maddie? Miss you!

WELL you can probably tell that I learned how to include pictures in a post today! haha. ENJOY! Have a great weekend. Love yall.


the craig i know said...

yay! i'm so glad u updated. love it and miss u. "when the time is right PEOPLE!" - so funny. can that time be right 9 weeks after you get married please?? i want cute meg/jon kids to spoil!

{Stephanie Johnson} said...

I love u. ANd miss you!! Love reading your blog.