Friday, November 25, 2011


Whoops I forgot to blog something I'm thankful for on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday so I will make up with three things this post.

I am obviously thankful for my little family. Jon is a great husband. He works really hard and loves Kingston so much. Its so ciute. He is a great dad. Kingston is the BEST. I mean I am literally obsessed with both of them!

I am grateful for my sweet first graders. I was invited over to one of my little girls house this Sunday for dinner. Her whole family is from Nepal and they cherish their teachers. I am so lucky to teach where I do and to make a difference in their little lives. I try to be the teacher you look back on and always remember. I had a dream just last night that our first day back after being off track was terrible. Like they wouldnt listen to me and they kept running away. But that never happens. They are so sweet. And Bonus? They say the funniest stuff.

I am also thankful for Pinterest. It has given me awesome ideas from recipes for dinner, dessert, ideas for my classroom, and around the house. I actually copied a cute idea from there...enjoy below!

I'm grateful Ally lives with us. She's so good with Kingston and helps me a lot with him. Its nice to have a best friend in a sister. Love her.

I am grateful that Jonathan's family is so close.
I am grateful for planes so that I can get to my family.
I am grateful for the age of retirement so that my parents can move to Utah. Ha ha ha my dad would die if he read that.

Is that enough? Ahhh the holiday season is here! Christmas is just a month away :) I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great and you have a nice relaxing weekend! Ifts time to bust out Celine Dion's Christmas album! YESSS!!!