Monday, December 5, 2011

Ally and her Busted up Pelvis

This has been a crazy few days.

On Friday my sweet sweet sister, Ally, got in a car accident on her way to see her boo in Idaho. After an hour and a half of thinking she may be really hurt or even worse, dead, we finally found out she was on her way to a hospital in Tremonton, Utah. After the what seemed like 40 hour drive, we made it to the hospital to find Ally laying on a bed with a broken pelvis. She was pretty hilarious at the hospital because she was way hopped up on pain meds.

We got her home and now she is laying in bed. Dan, of course, made his way down from Rexburg and took care of her all weekend, setting his alarm for every four hours so that she could take her medicine. He was such a help and it really showed me how much he loves her. He had to go back to school to finish his classes up but will be back soon! Luckily, I still have today off of work so I'll be able to take care of her today. She is a trooper. She is in a lot of pain but she is still her ultra positive self and even made the trek from her room to the couch last night to enjoy the Kardashian family!

So heres to Ally! I wish you a quick and thorough recovery...Kingston needs his second mom! :) You are such a great girl and I am so glad you are here and kickin it!!! :) LOVE YOU SIS!!!!!