Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well I'm sitting at the car dealership waiting for them to do the emissions on the car. I've been here for two hours. Did I mention that I already did the emissions and they "can't find it in the system"? Yeah. This is my life. Kingston is way past his nap time and I'm getting pretty cranky too.

On a brighter note, we are leaving for NJ in the morning! I'm so excited to spend christmas with my family. I am completely excited for my moms cooking. I mean I've come into my own in the kitchen putting together meals for Jon and Ally but there is nothing like eating food like my moms. She's just a great cook. I'm also excited for Christmas morning. Mainly to see Kings eyes wide with wonder at all the wrapping paper. He couldn't care less about what's in the box but he will destroy the paper. Love that little bug.

Speaking of my little bug, we are in the search for a new sitter for him during the days. Can you say stressful? Well I think I found an awesome lady close to where we live so I will be meeting with her as soon as we get back! I have never prayed harder about something in my whole life! When you're a parent your children become more important than anything else and it has been a real trial being away from him everyday. But I know that my prayers will be answered and he will be in good hands until I can stop working and stay at home with him :)

Speaking of work I spent my last day with my kids in the office with my biggest naughty because OH hold up!! No joke the lady next to me at the dealership just said "wow, she talks alot" in reference to my baby bit! Ha ha ha. And he is wearing a shirt that has footballs soccer balls and basketballs on it. Really? He's just so pretty. Anyway... I was in the office with my biggest naughty because he touched a girl on the place that is not allowed if you get my drift... The police were involved and it was rough! So my last day of school was kind of a bummer. But oh we'll now I get to e with my baby until January 3rd!

He also finally learned how to roll over. He was a little slow. Mainly because he is huge. This is what I get for marrying a 6'5" man. The dr just laughed at my concern and said look at him! He has a lot to roll over. But he's a rolling machine now and maybe it was better when he was stationary...

Well I guess I'll post this and go see what the heck the hold up is on the car. Until next time! Happy happy holidays! I hope you remember the season for the season. :)