Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year for Christmas we are in New Jersey visiting my parents. I have to say I miss my parents living in Houston but its nice that they moved because we are able to see more family now since pretty much everyone is living on the east side of the US. On Saturday we went to Pennsylvania to my uncle Denny's house. I saw my grandma, aunts an uncles from my dads side and my cousins too. It was great!

Then we came home, opened our Christmas eve jammies and went to bed. But before going to sleep Ally Jon and I made sure Maddie heard the reindeer on the roof. She was so excited for Santa! We woke up and Santa was good to us. Its only going to get better because having kids makes Christmas awesome. I loved it.

Today I'm feeling a little under the weather. I think whenever my body knows I have a break, it decides to stop fighting all those germs that my first graders sneeze on me and lets me get sick. Thanks body. I have spent most the day laying in bed sleeping.

Now I'm just looking up teaching stuff emailing it to myself. Which reminds me, you need to watch the documentary "Waiting for Superman". Its about America's public schools. Its insane. And it made me a little crazy. But I know I am doing my best. But my little ones are fighting an up hill battle and I know that it will only get harder for them. AH! This makes me never want to quit my job. But I miss Kingston during the day too. What a dilemma!

I hope everyone's Christmas 2011 was wonderful. New Year's is next! Whooo-hoo.