Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Well I'm desperately trying to stay awake until my hubby comes home from the jazz game....pretty sure I'm not gonna make it. I'm also hearing words and parts of Ally and Dan's conversation in the other room. I just heard "7.99?!?" in unison. And also some Spanish coming from Dan then repeated butchered back by Ally. Now silence. Freaky.

Okay I'm done being a creeper.

Happy 2012! We made it. I thought we would be flying to the grocery store by now but I guess the car will have to do.

Today we went on a field trip to the salt lake children's theater. It was fun! The kids loved it and of course couldn't stop talking about it all day. The afternoon was shot because seven year olds can't focus after anything remotely out of the ordinary so we spent the last hour of class playing games. I'm pretty sure they thought I went completely crazy because we barely ever play games other than educational ones. Have you ever seen the list of things a first grade teacher (or any teacher) has to teach their class? There is no time to waste! But heads up seven up is one of those games that I refuse to let die with my generation. Or maybe I'm the one who can't focus.

Three more weeks until I go off track. Which means three more weeks until I'll be on a ship to the tropical locale of the Caribbean! What? That's right. A full week to sail the ocean blue with my hubby and a few of our closest friends. My largest concern? Making sure I can check up on how my baby king is doing without me. I'm that mom.

Anyway this post is long and random and my eyeballs are about to fall out so good night moon!