Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Tuesday

So those of you who know me know Jon works for the almighty Utah Jazz. This makes us kind of like Utah celebrities. Like for about ten minutes after someone finds out he works for them. Ha. All the questions start coming like, "Whos the nicest player?" "Why did Coach Sloan quit?" "Do the players really cheat on their wives?" In which Jon replies and then tries to change the subject...(so modest). I mean I remember when Jon and I first started dating he texted me and asked me what I was up to. I was probably painting my nails (something i rarely have time for now) but when i asked him what he was doing he said something along the lines of he was watching The Jazz practice. I was like, "yeah...right." I honestly thought he was so full of it I think I wondered, "Who is this guy?". But low and behold it was true. I thought it was semi-cool back then. I mean I never really watched basketball or anything but when I went to my first game and sat so close to the court I felt their sweat on me, I became an instant fan. I even cried once sitting in my room in Rexburg when they lost. I was just being a really involved girlfriend okay?

WHY this rant? Well I'm sitting here on the couch, alone because it's Jazz season. WOOF!

Either way I get to blog and I HAVE to post some recent pics.

Kingston is so big guys. Like on the real, he's like toddler size. I mean I love him but DANG he is HEA-VY! Now check this out.

UM. Yeah. Kingston is obvi the cutie on the left but Jon is laying there on the right. They are legit twins. Crazy! Oh how I love my boys.

Until the next post!