Saturday, February 26, 2011

Body Pillow

Last night Jon and I went out with our usual group of friends. The best part of this group? All the girls are pregnant! ME, Katie, Shianne, and Niki are all at different stages of pregnancy but all of them have one kid already. So naturally, after spending hours at a child arcade with the little ones and getting a whoopie cushion with our tickets (typical jon and i, right?) we went back over to james and katies and ended up talking about giving birth. mainly because i'm freaking out and DREADING it. i mean seriously...ew. But after a few tears and  a lot of reassuring i feel better. Thanks means the world to me. :)

SO I'm a week or so away from being 6 months prego and this means that sleep is getting rough. I can only sleep on my side, but I've been told to not even sleep on the right because of the sciatic nerve. So I've been tossing and turning a lot lately. But I purchased the most amazing thing ever....a BODY PILLOW! I mean in our queen bed, its kinda like sleeping with a small child but oh my does it work! I have slept SO much better since purchasing this gem. Its been two nights and I'm just glad someone came up with making a pillow as long as your body.