Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 Degree.

So we have Netflicks hooked up to our Wii. (best invention ever) and I've been catching up on all the Grey's Anatomy that I've missed the past couple seasons. I cry or freak out every single episode. Like right now, this boy Jackson is currently dying and needs organs stat and just when his little machine was beeping saying he's seriously dying The Chief busts in and says "WE HAVE ORGANS!!!" oh crap, now hes coding. If he dies I'm going to cry....see this is what I'm talking about. I freak, I cry. Every time.

So as everyone knows (via facebook) it is literally cold everywhere. Utah has been fuuuuhhhhreeeezing. Like 1 degree. This means we havent been able to go outside for recess. Which means that Mrs. Stoddard has been driven crazy by her 21 seven year olds. Thank goodness tomorrow I have two doctor appts. so I'll be taking the day off from my crazy kids.

We get to see Kingston again tomorrow! I'm so excited. He's been so jumpy lately. Its really cool. I mean, the thought of being a mom is somewhat terrifying, but feeling him move around is kind of a miracle. I have a living thing inside me? I hope I'm a good mom.

Well I gotta move on to the next Grey's epi. Jackson made it by the way.



erin said...

you seriously kill me. i am so sad that i don't get to be around your prego belly. get up here and visit.