Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Trip to Remember.

So for the long weekend that Memorial day graced us with this year, Jon and I decided to go to SAN FRANCISCO!!! Jon had been a few times, but this was going to be my FIRST TIME! I was so excited....and when we got to the BEAUTIFUL city of San Fran, I couldn't wait to sight-see and be a complete and total tourist. It was awesome seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in person. It's huge! (thats what she said) The city is jam packed with people and places and food and homeless men and weed and hills and shopping and trash and the best ice cream ever and trader joe's and long lines everywhere and the best weather and pixar and indian food and brian and jane and another weekend of falling in love with my best friend. Overall it was a BLAST! Check out some picture highlights of our trip!

We went to Pixar. Nick (the man in this picture) works there and hooked us up with a legit tour. We saw behind the scenes stuff that probably none of you will ever see...HAHAHA.

Jon's a toy.

Oh how I love my boo.

I was a six year old.
Ally and I. Where is HE looking?!

The following are The Big Chair pics!

Berkeley, CA. from the rooftops. So pretty.
This is Jon's "protectant" face. There were some bums yelling.

Great picture of jon and i...and the street.

We went to the famous Farmer's Market

Rachel on my back. She's my child.

Asian tourist peace signs.

Ally in a trashcan. To see the whole story...visit her blog http://www.allym-heyyall.blogspot.com/
Oh here we are looking like children...but REAL cute!

This is a picture of a four mile long park called The Golden Gate Park. It's full of playgrounds, gardens, sports fields and most important...CRAZIES. See that red sweatshirted man by the sidewalk? He was HYSTERICAL! He played what he called "asphalt golf". He apparently created it and Jon and I watched him play it for about an hour. It never got old. I could've stayed there all day. He had some choice words for the golf ball as it rolled on the bumpy pavement to a hole donned with a flag.

It was a great trip. Now I'm back at school...8 more weeks! I can do it...right?!


AllyM said...

you could of cropped me out of that first picture. seriously. Also, I haven't blogged yet so nobody will know the full trashcan story:)