Saturday, June 5, 2010


Seriously, Rexburg is the lamest place on earth. And I say that with a lot of love in my heart because this town has been my home for five years now. I mean, I HAVE had some fun times here. I really am who I am today because of this "lame" place. I have been a 19 year old girl here (that was fun) I have been to countless dance parties here (which pretty much ended once my all time favorite dance partner, Josie, abandoned me for Utah) I have ran around the parks and hills throwing water balloons at people, I have ran from the cops here (legit), I have made my best friends here, I have fallen in love here, I have cried here, I have gained my testimony here, I have watched more movies here than anywhere in my entire life, I have read here, I have gotten more parking tickets here than anyone ever has (except the cooper twins), I have been academically, spiritual, and emotionally challenged here, I have been bored here, I have been cold here more than hot, I have laughed until I peed my pants here, I have been heartbroken here, I have been the happiest I have ever been here (when Jon visits), and now I am planning a wedding/looking for apartments/missing jon/DYING to leave here.

Wow, I have done a lot here! I really do love Rexburg. There is something about seeing that beautiful temple as I come up the road from a visit elsewhere. This place has been where I have grown into a pretty legit woman if I do say so myself.