Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I woke up this morning with a crink in my neck. But I do want to say that I didn't complain too much (which is completely out of character for me) I mean Ally probably got the worst of it, but Jon got like one text about it and I didn't even cry or TRY milk it. Maybe because I had SO much to do today. I was on campus longer than I have been all semester (which really isnt saying much). I went to the testing center a total of three times. WHAT? That dang math class. ANYWAY, just wanted to post this hilarious pic of none other than the beautiful Julia Roberts. Whenever I hurt my neck I think of this....

I need to invest in one of these to make people pity me more. Because then maybe they'll buy me a horkley's... :)

On another note....Jon and I are down to 66 days. I can't believe it's almost two months! It's going SO FAST! yesssss.

I have to take my HUGE and VERY IMPORTANT teaching test this Saturday. I am pretty nervous but lets all send me some good vibes...please? and thank you!

Heres a great quote for yall to ponder on: "Avoiding problems you need to face is avoiding the life you need to live." Solid eh? None other than Jessica Simpson tweeted that today. (thanks for the quote Al) It has absolutely nothing to do with my blog subject tonight, but it's not often that someone shares with me a quote I haven't heard before...yeah i'm that much of a quote FREAK. So I just wanted to document it.

Okay, my pain meds are starting to kick in, so it's time to call my boo and hit the sack. PEACE AND BLESSINGS, PEACE AND BLESSINGS. (if you dont know where that is from...shame on you...but you can find the hilarious video HERE! )