Wednesday, June 23, 2010

44 days? Alright.

With only five weeks left of school, I'm finally getting a handle on everything. I only teach my little summer school children for one more week. Then it's finals time and then its moving time. Then it's wedding time, then its marriage for eternity time. :) im so very excited. I know I talk/blog about it constantly and its probably getting old, but this is the only time I'll be able to bask in the joy of engagement! So just bear with me...44 more days until I marry my best friend. Its getting closer and closer.

Josie is coming up this weekend! I'm so excited! It's been forever since she's been up. Hopefully the weather is nice so we can be outside and enjoy it :)

Well happy Wednesday! Love yall.


The Crayks! said...

wow! Only 44 more days?? That came FAST! Then we can hang out all the time!! WOO HOO!!