Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Happy.

So this weekend was full of some great memories and MUCH needed time with my wonderful Jon. Saturday I had my bridal shower!A big thank you goes out to Janine Barker and Court for opening their home to us so that I could have a wonderful shower! :) I got some amazing gifts and was surrounded by people that love me. Thanks girls :) After the shower Jon and I went with our photographer Shannon to take our engagement pictures!...(to see her amazing work please click here :) ) She did a wonderful job, and its honestly going to be hard to pick out the picture to send out.

Here are a couple of my favs that Shannon took. Basically, I'm in love and super happy. Enjoy :)

The one of the left is hilarious because we were literally standing in trash. We are hardcore nerds in the one on the right. AHHHH how I love my boyfriend.

He just looks so happy to be next to me. I'm lucky :)

I love Jon's little jump here!

I look good, eh?

I'm the happiest girl ever. AHHHH