Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who's gonna take care of us?

I haven't blogged in forever! I've just been so busy these last couple weeks. UPDATE time!

Thanksgiving was great! We spent the day at Mom and Pop Stoddard's and had a delicious meal! I love Thanksgiving for a lot of reasons...but one main reason is this:
Yes I take my mashed potatoes in a seperate bowl if offered! YUM!

But all in all, we had a great break. Jon didn't have school, I didn't have school, we had some quality time together that I always love! But like all good things, break ended and now we are back to the grind.

I have made it through one full week and two days of 1st graders. I won't lie and say it's peaches and cream, cause honey it AIN'T! The kids went to afternoon recess after math today and I legit brokedown to one of my para's. (fancy word for aide). There is just SO much they don't know yet and this far in the year I am so scared that I won't teach them everything that they need. But tomorrow is another day and I will be okay. I did have one sweet girl, with fear in her eyes, say to me today, "When you have your baby, who's gonna take care of us?" Luckily I told her she wouldn't need to worry. That reminds me, I haven't even blogged that I'm prego. But since only four people read this they already know. I am due June 15th...the same day as a good friend of mine that I don't want to bust out on here incase she doesn't want me to. Speaking of pregnancy, morning sickness can strike at any moment. And I mean any moment. Day or night. Last week I threw up every. single. day. But I got some pills from the doc last night and they are CHARM workers. I love them. They may be for cancer patients (i looked it up) and may also help with insomnia and irrital bowl syndrome but whatevs, I'm sorta in love.

Well, my eyes are burning and this little bun in my oven wants some apple juice so I gotta go. KEEP CALM BECAUSE I'M CHUCK BASS


{Stephanie Johnson} said...

your updates always crack me up! I am sure you are such a great teacher, its probably hard starting in the middle of the year-but you can do it!! Favorite line:"..cauise honey, it ain't!!"

love you.

keep calm because i'm chuck bass.

dlpower said...

Congrats on being pregnant. That takes courage and it's exciting. Maybe someday i'll be too..ha we'll see. And congrats on getting a teaching job right after you were done student teaching. Glad you are loving married life! Good luck with the morning sickness.