Monday, December 27, 2010

happy holidays!

Well, Jon's working tonight so I find myself blogging. But don't worry, I painted my nails first. :) I finally have time to!

I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful. Mine was great! It was weird not being with my parents but we had a great day at Jon's family's house. Our first Christmas together as a married couple was perfect. I gave Jon too many sweaters and he gave me very thoughtful gifts. He remembers everything I say. Thanks babe!

OH AND Josie got engaged on Christmas Day!! YYAAAY! Her and Brad are planning on a June wedding and I am so excited for them both. I hope Kingston comes before the wedding day. My recent dreams depict him being super late and not wanting to come out. He's already been quite a handful and hes not even out of the womb yet. But I love him, the little poop.

Well, I dont have too much more to update. I'm loving my time off from those little 1st graders. In other news, I'm getting huge. And that's about it. PEACE and blessings.