Monday, December 13, 2010


I read that Ally has 103 blog posts and this is only my 68th. Ally hasnt had her blog as long as me. I'm a blog failure. So here I am, to make up for lost time/posts.

We went to Temple Square with Josie and Brad and here are a couple pics...they aren't the clearest of pictures but you know me and picture taking...i pretty much am the worst. I need to be better at it. OH! I did take pictures of my classroom...I sense another blog post! Yes!! Anyway, the lights at Temple Square literally are amazing. They are so romantical too.

Here are us four. I made Jon smile that huge.

Me and Jos :) I feel like I look prego....

True Personalities.

I LOVE this picture. Josie's face is straight up CLASSIC!

Well, that was fun. Oh, then I went to Temple Square with my young women and there was a proposal happening when we were there. It was so cute! He put coins in the fountain that said, "Will you marry me?" and it just brought back memories of o-so-long ago when Jonny asked me to be his forever. :)

I am very lucky to have him. Just the other night we were chatting with Jos and Brad and he told me to give them marriage advice..I was kinda like..uhhhh. Then i came up with "go to the temple". Jon then busted out, "Brad, just don't stop wooing Josie" Shoooo I got the best guy! He really is so sweet to me. He takes very good care of me, and you all know that has got to be hard sometimes. I'm a little crazy.

Well, entry number 68 is done. Love!