Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend was good. Batman was an excellent movie.... Despite the recent events. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the shooting. I know that God loves his children and I find comfort in knowing that those people who died were needed in heaven. It doesn't make it any easier on those they left behind, but a work greater than us is in store for them!

Jon and I are about to embark on our third year of marriage! I can't even believe its only been that long. I feel like we've been married for at least ten years! Ha ha. Having a baby so quick will do that to ya. But really, I love my hubby. I was just saying to our friends at dinner the other night that sometimes you look at your spouse and you're like "well I wouldn't mind being far away from you for a couple hours" ha ha or maybe that's just me? But then there's those times when you are so happy and so in love with your partner. I am in that place right now. Jon is my guy. He's a piece of work ya know but he does deal with me. And he's pretty dang cute. And he's probably the best dad in the whole world. Little K just loves him. Which makes me love him a little more too.