Saturday, July 14, 2012

Traveling Curse

Just wanted to stop in and let everyone know that when Jon, Kingston and I travel together as a family we are always cursed by the travel gods.

Last time we tried to get to my parents we ended up having to fly to many parts of America to get there.

Trying to get to Michigan yesterday didn't work out either! We got stuck in Cincinnati and now I'm sitting on a plane getting ready to head out to Atlanta and then South Bend, IN here my dad will pick us up.

I do have to mention how great my hubby is though. We are separated on the plane right now and he insisted he take Kingston with him in his seat. Just a gem!

Also, Kingston may have woken up about seventy five times last night to adjust his sleeping position between on top of Jon and sprawled out around the bed. Being a mom I of course woke up each and every time.

I'm tired! Wish us luck getting to the fam reunion today!