Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family Vacay

Well we had an awesome trip to Michigan City with my side of the family.

Besides the way there of course. We pretty much flew to Europe, rented a boat and paddled our way there. When we finally arrived though life was good.

My whole life growing up we use to go to my grandparents house which sat on a lake. I kinda want the same thing for my babe (ies). Some of my favorite memories of my child hood are from that house and the lake. I used to sit in the front of the boat and sing Mariah Carey. Maybe I pretended to be a mermaid. Maybe Ally wore binoculars and said she was going on a safari in the grove of trees around the house. Maybe sitting on my grandpas lap was my favorite. He used to ask me how many boyfriends I had and I would reply with none (of course I was only 7) and he would laugh and say "good, I'm your only boyfriend and it better stay that way."

Although my grandpa isn't here anymore, and there is no boat at the beach houses my grandma so graciously rents our entire crazy clan of kids cousins and spouses, it sure was a blast! Jon got to meet the rest of my family and Kingston got to play with all his second cousins. We also discovered that Kingston does have some Mullin genes in him because that blonde hair and blue eyes of his looked alot like my cousin Sammy.

We also discovered that Kingston is a beach baby. After testing out the flavors of the sand, he decided to stop eating it and just play in it. The water was perfect and it was so relaxing sitting on the shore with the water coming in on my feet. I loved it!

I was terrible and I mean terrible at taking pictures. I rarely had my phone and when I did it was so dead but I will post what I have. Mostly I have about 210 pictures that Maddie took around the house when she got ahold of my phone. Love that girl.

But now it's back to reality. Which really is just fine because my reality is going to the pool and hanging out all day. I still have another month of summer until school starts! :)

Ps, a few of these pics are taken my Maddie! She didn't do half bad!