Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marriage is Bliss!

Well congratulations are in order for Ally and Dan. They are officially engaged! Dan kept me pretty up to date on the whole thing which was fun for me. It made me reminise about my own engagment day. Ally and I had similar experiences of picking out the ring we wanted first (le duh) and then having it ripped from our fingers by our boos who think they need to "hide" it somewhere safe.

I remember I would get to Jon's house, run into his room, scour around until I found that beautiful box, opened it and jumped on the bed in complete glee as I placed that ring on my finger and admired it for at least ten minutes until he would make me give it back. So I can completely relate with how cray cray Ally has been since Dan got the ring. He even once called her a brat. HA. But the question has been popped and she is already on pinterest planning their day. *Date to be determined.* But its going to be in Houston in the summer which equals everyone dripping sweat the whole day.

 For fun lets see a pic of my ring next to hers. Humor me.

Completely different as I am into the princess cut stones and Al likes hers round.  But both are LOVELY. We are pretty loved by those boys of ours.

She is so obsessed which is adorable. I was reading one of my old journals tonight looking for some general conference notes to share with my YW tomorrow during my lesson and came across this gem that made me laugh and I had to share it with Ally.

this was before Jon proposed:

"My ring is gorgeous, I'm obsessed with it. I miss it!"

HAHAHA. Girls are crazy about their bling.

Weekend Update:

*Spent some QT with the boo last night. We went to James and Katies and played some games. Always a good time with those two.

*Went CRUISE shopping with the girls this morning. Three more weeks and we will be on the open sea headed to JAMACIA! 

*Weighed myself. I have lost 20 pounds my friends. This is good news mainly because I have been working out on the regular and I feel great! Still have some more to go but the progress is coming along. Having a baby will RUIN you...beware!

*Cant let a post slip by without mentioning my pride and joy. Kingston is on the verge of crawling. He is up on those little knees rockin around. My life will be over once this happens. I need to baby proof. But I am going to be that mom that lets their kids take out all the pots and pans and bang all night. I'll even provide him a spoon for optimal sound/fun.

Well goodnight blogger world! Remember: Come What May--and Love it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Like Father Like Son

Kingston is legit obsessed with Jon. This makes me happy. When Jon gets home from work Kingston is completely DONE with Mama. He is attached at the hip to the pops. They hang out, which pretty much means Jon is throwing Kingston up high in the air or watching Mickey Mouse Club House on the ipad. (see below)

They are "best buds"-Jon.

It's Tuesday

So those of you who know me know Jon works for the almighty Utah Jazz. This makes us kind of like Utah celebrities. Like for about ten minutes after someone finds out he works for them. Ha. All the questions start coming like, "Whos the nicest player?" "Why did Coach Sloan quit?" "Do the players really cheat on their wives?" In which Jon replies and then tries to change the subject...(so modest). I mean I remember when Jon and I first started dating he texted me and asked me what I was up to. I was probably painting my nails (something i rarely have time for now) but when i asked him what he was doing he said something along the lines of he was watching The Jazz practice. I was like, "yeah...right." I honestly thought he was so full of it I think I wondered, "Who is this guy?". But low and behold it was true. I thought it was semi-cool back then. I mean I never really watched basketball or anything but when I went to my first game and sat so close to the court I felt their sweat on me, I became an instant fan. I even cried once sitting in my room in Rexburg when they lost. I was just being a really involved girlfriend okay?

WHY this rant? Well I'm sitting here on the couch, alone because it's Jazz season. WOOF!

Either way I get to blog and I HAVE to post some recent pics.

Kingston is so big guys. Like on the real, he's like toddler size. I mean I love him but DANG he is HEA-VY! Now check this out.

UM. Yeah. Kingston is obvi the cutie on the left but Jon is laying there on the right. They are legit twins. Crazy! Oh how I love my boys.

Until the next post!

The Josinator

So this weekend I saw JOSIE! She turned 26. This means we have known each other for eight years. This means we are getting older and older and older. Here are a couple pictures of her and I.

I literally have at least 7000 pictures of us. From our young days when we thought we were fat but in actuality we were pretty rockin, to our rainbow of different hair colors, to even our wedding days. We have been through A LOT together. I can't even write down the memories. Love her. Its weird that we are both married. But life is just like this. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Well I'm desperately trying to stay awake until my hubby comes home from the jazz game....pretty sure I'm not gonna make it. I'm also hearing words and parts of Ally and Dan's conversation in the other room. I just heard "7.99?!?" in unison. And also some Spanish coming from Dan then repeated butchered back by Ally. Now silence. Freaky.

Okay I'm done being a creeper.

Happy 2012! We made it. I thought we would be flying to the grocery store by now but I guess the car will have to do.

Today we went on a field trip to the salt lake children's theater. It was fun! The kids loved it and of course couldn't stop talking about it all day. The afternoon was shot because seven year olds can't focus after anything remotely out of the ordinary so we spent the last hour of class playing games. I'm pretty sure they thought I went completely crazy because we barely ever play games other than educational ones. Have you ever seen the list of things a first grade teacher (or any teacher) has to teach their class? There is no time to waste! But heads up seven up is one of those games that I refuse to let die with my generation. Or maybe I'm the one who can't focus.

Three more weeks until I go off track. Which means three more weeks until I'll be on a ship to the tropical locale of the Caribbean! What? That's right. A full week to sail the ocean blue with my hubby and a few of our closest friends. My largest concern? Making sure I can check up on how my baby king is doing without me. I'm that mom.

Anyway this post is long and random and my eyeballs are about to fall out so good night moon!