Saturday, February 26, 2011

Body Pillow

Last night Jon and I went out with our usual group of friends. The best part of this group? All the girls are pregnant! ME, Katie, Shianne, and Niki are all at different stages of pregnancy but all of them have one kid already. So naturally, after spending hours at a child arcade with the little ones and getting a whoopie cushion with our tickets (typical jon and i, right?) we went back over to james and katies and ended up talking about giving birth. mainly because i'm freaking out and DREADING it. i mean seriously...ew. But after a few tears and  a lot of reassuring i feel better. Thanks means the world to me. :)

SO I'm a week or so away from being 6 months prego and this means that sleep is getting rough. I can only sleep on my side, but I've been told to not even sleep on the right because of the sciatic nerve. So I've been tossing and turning a lot lately. But I purchased the most amazing thing ever....a BODY PILLOW! I mean in our queen bed, its kinda like sleeping with a small child but oh my does it work! I have slept SO much better since purchasing this gem. Its been two nights and I'm just glad someone came up with making a pillow as long as your body.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eat Candy.

It legit feels like 1AM. I am such a grandma.

I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was spent either a. with someone you love or b. eating candy of some sort. I luckily got to do both. I get to do both of those things everyday, but vday is just special. I got home from work to a home cooked meal, roses, drp in a wine glass (always classic) and a really cute hubby. Then I went and picked out my necklace I've wanted for awhile (the key necklace) and of course we wandered over to Target baby clothes section and picked out some cute things for our little King. THEN, of course, we went to Coldstone and ate some icecream. It was a perfect night.

My kids totally spoiled me at school. I got so much candy and treats it was AWESOME! I've been getting stuff all week!

Last night Jon came home with a HUGE flower arrangment for me. What the? It was so sweet.

Arent they pretty?!

I hope he didnt do it because he did something wrong....:) just kidding. The whole apartment smells of fresh flowers which is good for me because everyone knows my sense of smell is uncanny and I can smell everything. It makes for a nice break for my obsessive candle burning and air freshner spraying...hmm, maybe thats why Jon did it!

Oh, this just in: Katie and James are having a BOY!

Here are some random just enjoyable photos:

a couple weeks ago while getting ready to go out, Jon decided he wanted to "slick" his hair back. Awesome.

This is Jaxon on Halloween wearing Jon's wig.
This is Jon on Halloween. AWESOME! Somehow my pictures in the Oopa costume got deleted.....;)

Well that was fun. Goodnight!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 Degree.

So we have Netflicks hooked up to our Wii. (best invention ever) and I've been catching up on all the Grey's Anatomy that I've missed the past couple seasons. I cry or freak out every single episode. Like right now, this boy Jackson is currently dying and needs organs stat and just when his little machine was beeping saying he's seriously dying The Chief busts in and says "WE HAVE ORGANS!!!" oh crap, now hes coding. If he dies I'm going to cry....see this is what I'm talking about. I freak, I cry. Every time.

So as everyone knows (via facebook) it is literally cold everywhere. Utah has been fuuuuhhhhreeeezing. Like 1 degree. This means we havent been able to go outside for recess. Which means that Mrs. Stoddard has been driven crazy by her 21 seven year olds. Thank goodness tomorrow I have two doctor appts. so I'll be taking the day off from my crazy kids.

We get to see Kingston again tomorrow! I'm so excited. He's been so jumpy lately. Its really cool. I mean, the thought of being a mom is somewhat terrifying, but feeling him move around is kind of a miracle. I have a living thing inside me? I hope I'm a good mom.

Well I gotta move on to the next Grey's epi. Jackson made it by the way.