Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love Fern? Alright.

A quick update:

Jonathan is the best husband ever. If I had a better memory I would be able to tell you all the sweet things he does for me....but my memory is seriously like a goldfish (i couldnt even remember what animal has a bad memory and i legit just had to google it) but heres a short list that hopefully won't gross you out TOO much. I know how hard it can be to wish you were in love. I'm just glad I am.

*He told me just last night that he wakes up in the morning and asks himself "how can i make meghan happy today?". I don't deserve him.
*He has made me dinner almost every night since we got married. So its only been two weeks but the man LOVES to do it for me. This makes him the best.
*He always reads more scriptures/church stuff AFTER we do our study together every night.
*He loves the temple and takes me there once a week.
*He puts up with me. (that takes a lot of patience)

My first week of student teaching is done. The students are cute and my teacher is a GREAT teacher and very nice. I'm lucky. Jon also started his last semester at the U this week too. I'm so proud of him. He's taking tons of credits and working for the Jazz (GO JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!) For now we will have a lot of time together but once basketball season rolls around, I'll just be staring at the TV screen waiting to see him and I'll have flashbacks of watching the game in my room in Rexburg waiting to see him....ew. Those were rough times. I'm glad those days are OVER.


Today was a good day. Josie came over, Jon made us steaks, and we got to catch up a little bit. I LOVE HER! After Josie left, Jonathan and I went to Lowe's to buy some nails to finish hanging up stuff in our love nest. While we were there we drifted over to the plant section and picked out a Love Fern. Heres a pic of our new plant. Jon is betting that it will be dead in a month. I'm determined to remember to water it and place her in the sun during the day. :)


Oh and heres a pic of our bed. Just thought yall would like to know where it the magic happens!

So, I know that you all are DYING to see wedding day pics. I know I am! I am waiting for the wonderful Shannon to edit them and send them my way! But in the mean time, here are a few teasers of the wedding day!

Jon and I coming out of the temple...MARRIED! :)

Our groomsmen/bridesmaids! :)
This picture is hilarious...but check out my hot parents in the background! lookin GOOD!
This is when Jon and I were leaving for the Park City. Maddie wanted to know where I was going. :)

Alright, its time to get offline. Jon's currently playing cards by himself, patiently waiting for me to get done blogging.  I gotta hang out with the boo. :) peace.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Stoddard's

Well WE DID IT! We made it to that never-seeming-to-come-AUGUST 14th! It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Just a quick re-cap unless you didn't know what happened to me ONE week before the wedding...

So, I was feeling out of sorts about ten days before the wedding. I would walk across the room or up some stairs and be completely out of breath. Not that I'm in the best shape ever but I was so weirded out because I know I'm not THAT obese. I shouldnt be walking around the apartment not being able to breathe. So I went to the doctor. He decided that I probably jolted my rib cage cartiledge or something like that. The only thing I would think of that could have broken my ribs would be Wii Sports. Doubted it. He had me take some blood tests just in case. The next day he called me in to get an ultrasound on my legs because my blood work came back "high" whatever that means. The ultrasound doc told me that they were looking for clots in my legs. This immediately made me freak because the only thing I knew about blood clots was that if you had them you had to get surgery immediately (this info came from Jon...he had just had a class lecture about clots...) anyway, they didnt find anything in my legs. So the next day the doctor wanted me to get a CT scan on my chest. Low and behold, there were about ten blood clots in each of my lungs! I pretty much wigged out and jon did too. We started crying in the waiting room and the thought that I was going to die flashed through my mind. I was immediately admitted to the hospital. After the doctor came by and explained the process of de-clotting my blog (no surgery needed) we all calmed down and felt much better. I spent two days in the hospital decotting my lungs...accompanied by my sweet Jon the entire time. I was released with shots (that Jon had to give me) and meds that I have to take for the next six months of my life. But all in all, it was just a little hitch in the plan. Seven days later, Jon and I went to the Salt Lake Temple and GOT MARRIED! The wedding day was perfect. We were surrounded by our families and friends and it was a celebration to remember. I was told tonight that our wedding was the best they've ever been to! HOLLA!!!!

Jon took me to Park City for a couple nights before I had to be back for student teaching. He got one of the best hotel rooms there! It was so nice and HUGE! It was a perfect way to spend our first nights as a married couple.

As I was preparing to write this entry I came across this funny marriage quote:
 "I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life." ~Rita Rudner

I am probably pretty annoying to Jon as I leave my clothes on the floor sometimes (all the time) and my make-up sometimes makes it all over the bathroom counter.

Jon on the other hand is a dream. I came home from a LONG day of planning and parent teacher conferences tonight to a full on steak dinner. He's a great husband, which is weird for me to say still. But he really is the perfect one for me. He is kind and thoughtful and very smart.

Also, married people activities are really fun....;)

Well, thats all for now. Signing off for the first time as:

Mrs. Stoddard!

Peace and blessings!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

13 days and I'm WEDDED!

Well the wedding day is fast approaching! 13 more days! Its crazy how fast the past few months have gone. I mean you are reading a college graduates blog right now! I did it. FINALLY! I am so happy to be finished. It's a great feeling. 

 My mom and Mads arrive on WEDNESDAY! SO excited to see them. We still have a little bit of planning to do for the special day...just decorating stuff and little things like, but other than that, we are READY!

I'm currently trying to figure out how to wear my hair for the wedding. Its a hard task let me tell you. But I have the BEST hair dresser ever, KATIE! She is going to make sure I look amazing that day. :)

Jon and I have both had some weird wedding dreams/nightmares lately. It's funny what your subconscious worries about...Jon's involved nobody coming to the wedding and mine was some crazy temple dream where i was chasing my mom all around the temple trying to find the sealing room! hahaha. It's just time that this wedding comes and goes so we can get into a normal routine. I'm very excited to never have to be apart from my sweet sweet man.

I start teaching on the 18th of August. YIKES! I haven't been able to put a lot of thought into just because I've been SO busy working on my wedding tan. :) But I feel very prepared! 4th graders, here I come!

What else...I'm just really happy. Really really happy!

I'm so excited to see friends that I havent seen in so long!! My wedding day is pretty much a huge reunion/party! HOLLA! Cannot wait!

Peace and blessing my loves!