Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love Fern? Alright.

A quick update:

Jonathan is the best husband ever. If I had a better memory I would be able to tell you all the sweet things he does for me....but my memory is seriously like a goldfish (i couldnt even remember what animal has a bad memory and i legit just had to google it) but heres a short list that hopefully won't gross you out TOO much. I know how hard it can be to wish you were in love. I'm just glad I am.

*He told me just last night that he wakes up in the morning and asks himself "how can i make meghan happy today?". I don't deserve him.
*He has made me dinner almost every night since we got married. So its only been two weeks but the man LOVES to do it for me. This makes him the best.
*He always reads more scriptures/church stuff AFTER we do our study together every night.
*He loves the temple and takes me there once a week.
*He puts up with me. (that takes a lot of patience)

My first week of student teaching is done. The students are cute and my teacher is a GREAT teacher and very nice. I'm lucky. Jon also started his last semester at the U this week too. I'm so proud of him. He's taking tons of credits and working for the Jazz (GO JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!) For now we will have a lot of time together but once basketball season rolls around, I'll just be staring at the TV screen waiting to see him and I'll have flashbacks of watching the game in my room in Rexburg waiting to see him....ew. Those were rough times. I'm glad those days are OVER.


Today was a good day. Josie came over, Jon made us steaks, and we got to catch up a little bit. I LOVE HER! After Josie left, Jonathan and I went to Lowe's to buy some nails to finish hanging up stuff in our love nest. While we were there we drifted over to the plant section and picked out a Love Fern. Heres a pic of our new plant. Jon is betting that it will be dead in a month. I'm determined to remember to water it and place her in the sun during the day. :)


Oh and heres a pic of our bed. Just thought yall would like to know where it the magic happens!

So, I know that you all are DYING to see wedding day pics. I know I am! I am waiting for the wonderful Shannon to edit them and send them my way! But in the mean time, here are a few teasers of the wedding day!

Jon and I coming out of the temple...MARRIED! :)

Our groomsmen/bridesmaids! :)
This picture is hilarious...but check out my hot parents in the background! lookin GOOD!
This is when Jon and I were leaving for the Park City. Maddie wanted to know where I was going. :)

Alright, its time to get offline. Jon's currently playing cards by himself, patiently waiting for me to get done blogging.  I gotta hang out with the boo. :) peace.


Unknown said...

Seriously, i love reading your blog and I love that I literally comment on every post! I love that Jon reads his scriptures AFTER you guys do, that is hot. But also a blessing that you have a man like that is dedicated to the gospel! Keep updating your blog, i love it!