Sunday, August 1, 2010

13 days and I'm WEDDED!

Well the wedding day is fast approaching! 13 more days! Its crazy how fast the past few months have gone. I mean you are reading a college graduates blog right now! I did it. FINALLY! I am so happy to be finished. It's a great feeling. 

 My mom and Mads arrive on WEDNESDAY! SO excited to see them. We still have a little bit of planning to do for the special day...just decorating stuff and little things like, but other than that, we are READY!

I'm currently trying to figure out how to wear my hair for the wedding. Its a hard task let me tell you. But I have the BEST hair dresser ever, KATIE! She is going to make sure I look amazing that day. :)

Jon and I have both had some weird wedding dreams/nightmares lately. It's funny what your subconscious worries about...Jon's involved nobody coming to the wedding and mine was some crazy temple dream where i was chasing my mom all around the temple trying to find the sealing room! hahaha. It's just time that this wedding comes and goes so we can get into a normal routine. I'm very excited to never have to be apart from my sweet sweet man.

I start teaching on the 18th of August. YIKES! I haven't been able to put a lot of thought into just because I've been SO busy working on my wedding tan. :) But I feel very prepared! 4th graders, here I come!

What else...I'm just really happy. Really really happy!

I'm so excited to see friends that I havent seen in so long!! My wedding day is pretty much a huge reunion/party! HOLLA! Cannot wait!

Peace and blessing my loves!


dlpower said...

This is so exciting. You have been doing long distance for a lot of your relationship like i did with derek so i know how much it sucks. Your wedding day will be that much more special because you know you don't have to leave him ever again. It's hard to explain but it's such a special thing. I am excited for you! Have fun and i can't wait to see pictures!