Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Countdown...

Well another weekend came and gone. I went to Utah AGAIN this weekend. I wish Jon would come here...EVER! My car's air conditioning also decided to stop working when I was driving down at 1pm...the hottest part of the day. When I finally got to his house, Jonathan decided to spray me with febreeze. thats how bad it was. So my car is currently in the shop getting fixed. I can't handle no AC. How do people do it? I'll never know. ANYWAY back to the weekend...

Saturday Jon and I woke up, ran (he worked me OVER), and then headed off to the daunting task of finding an apartment. It was so funny because here I was in Rexburg looking for apartments online and there seemed to be a promising one near the U. So we show up there....probably the most ghetto place in SLC. No joke. I dont even think Jon would be able to walk standing straight up. It was tiny and weird. We ended up going back to one of the first places we looked at a couple months ago. It's perfect! It's about three minutes from the school I'll be teaching at this fall! That was a big check mark off our list! If you need me between the dates of July 24th-August 13th I'll be tanning at this pool:

(this is our apartment's pool)

On Sunday, Jonathan's brother Josh had his homecoming talk and in complete Utah style, we gave him a luncheon after sacrament. I met some of Jon's family that I hadn't yet which was nice. After the waves of people came through and all the clean up was done, we played HORSE again. This time Anthony's (Jon's bro) fiancee Sherstin played with us. We all sucked it up for some reason. Before we started playing we noticed bees flying all over the hoop. All four of the Stoddard boys went in seperate directions and got something they thought would get rid of the bee's nest. All of them came back with some sort of fire power. Jon decided that hairspray and a lighter would blow the bees out. It was a hilarious sight to see. Finally all the bees left, and only Josh got stung. Thank goodness it wasn't me, you know I was freaking out the whole time saying I was allergic. Bees are my arch enemy.

This is my biggest fear, what is wrong with this person?

So now I'm back in Rexburg. I have a week and one day until I'm done with my last semester and this town! I'm currently packing up my loads of stuff. It's bittersweet but very exciting. I was going through old papers and came across a note that Steph and I wrote in one of our classes. We had just became friends and the note was so funny. Some of my best memories of Rexburg involve her. It just hasnt been the same around here since she left. Steph, please move to Utah. That's all.

I got my second Praxis score back today! I scored high enough to get a Recognition of Excellence. I'm just glad that is all over so I can student teach and look for a job!

30 Days Until We Say I Do! I made my endowment session appointment today! I'm so excited.

This is the temple in South Jordan where I will become an endowed member of the church! To find out more on this visit here :)
I hope everyone's week is going good, keep calm and carry on!


{Stephanie Johnson} said...

Remember when we stuffed our faces in front of the temple? OR layed out everyday after best western?! How about when we were at sonic and had to drop you off at McDonalds to unload? I miss you too, one month!