Saturday, November 17, 2012

The holidays are fast approaching my friends! We spent our Saturday night this weekend at our friends eating a pre-thanksgiving feast. It was delish.

We've been so busy over the last few weeks. I was so busy this past week I didn't watch any tv at all! What a catastrophe! It's okay guys don't worry, I caught up today!

Things at school are okay. I love my job but it is so so stressful at times. Teachers have such a huge responsibility and not enough time in the day to complete it all. But all we can do is try our best and stay positive.

Kingston's 18 month bday is just around the corner! I can't believe it. Before I know it he'll be in kindergarten! He is in such a fun stage though. He is learning how to pick up after himself and he loves to help me around the house. He's such a sweet little thing. He makes my work stress melt away as soon as I walk in the door.