Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Time

It's finally feeling like fall here in Salt Lake. We've already hit up Gardner village, I've already partaken in a Starbucks caramel apple cider (which legit tastes just like your eating a caramel apple minus the chewing part), and I wore a sweater to school today! On our to do list for this fall is to take King to a corn maze (Jon wants to take him to a scary one...what's wrong with him?), I'm going to paint a chevron pumpkin, we are going to play in the leaves (Kingston's idea), we are goin to dress our baby up in an adorable Halloween costume, of course ill be busting out some smore cookies, AND I'm going to cuddle with my hubby while we watch movies. That has nothing to do with fall but I really like to cuddle and he's pretty cute.

Happy Fall!


dlpower said...

he is just so cute! I haven't been able to break in a sweater yet but i blame that on pregnancy. Keeps me too hot i think.