Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Time

It's finally feeling like fall here in Salt Lake. We've already hit up Gardner village, I've already partaken in a Starbucks caramel apple cider (which legit tastes just like your eating a caramel apple minus the chewing part), and I wore a sweater to school today! On our to do list for this fall is to take King to a corn maze (Jon wants to take him to a scary one...what's wrong with him?), I'm going to paint a chevron pumpkin, we are going to play in the leaves (Kingston's idea), we are goin to dress our baby up in an adorable Halloween costume, of course ill be busting out some smore cookies, AND I'm going to cuddle with my hubby while we watch movies. That has nothing to do with fall but I really like to cuddle and he's pretty cute.

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is it weird that I still feel like its summer? I was picking up the kids from recess today and started sweating from my jaunt outside for two minutes. I will gladly welcome a little breeze to Utah. There's a cold front coming. Bring on the fall weather. I like sweaters. But the snow can go somewhere else. Because i do not like six year olds in watery boots and husbands who refuse to wear a winter coat (doesn't he know by now to wear one for me incase I'm a but chilled?) and I'm semi afraid of what Kingston will be like tromping through the snow. Because he always goes to the things I wish he didn't. Like mud on the driveway. Or a piece of trash on the sidewalk. It's like he knows how to make my crazy come out. I do not like being dirty (unless its paint) and he loves it. Where is that baby girl of mine? She's going to love pedicures and sitting still on the grass looking at the clouds. Ha ha ha. I love baby K. He really is the sweetest little/big thing ever.

Anyway I'm 27 now. Yeehaw! We celebrated my birthday by going to dinner at Thanksgiving point which has a few places to eat. We went to the fancier restaurant called Harvest. Nothin to write home about. Kingston loved my leftovers though which isn't saying much since he eats more than me at any given meal. Not an exaggeration my friends. He can down four pancakes. I am pushing it with two.

Anyway, then we celebrated my bday again with Josie and Brad on Saturday night. Why didn't I take any pictures? We went to Texas roadhouse and they made me ride the bull after eating my twenty five rolls. Damn those rolls i will never stop loving them! All in all it was a good birthday. I have a good husband who loves to make me happy and a son who loves me just a little bit less than his dad.

I cannot forget Ally and Dan. They got me an amazing gift from Sephora that is the envy of every makeup loving girl on the street. Love them and their awesome gift giving skills! If I asked Jon to step into Sephora to try and find something I wanted he would probably pass out. He doesn't even believe in lotion. So pretty much what I'm getting at is that I am glad Ally understands me.

27 on the 27th! My golden birthday has passed. Onto the next year!