Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I should probably just blog all the funny things my students say. Most of my kids are ESL; Spanish being their first language. It's so funny watching their little brains work so hard to translate from Spanish to English. Example: "my new pants bought my dad for me!"

I also have a super smarty pants 5000 girl in my class too. She says the most random stuff. Example: "hey mrs. S guess what I just thought of while I was in the bathroom?" "I thought that if I was in there when there was a fire alarm I would just stay in there, turn the water on and plug up the sink and let the water flow all through the whole school. Then I would be a hero and the firemen would tell me I'm the best!" I looked at her and smiled and she said "I know it's not real mrs Stoddard but one day I'll have a real good idea come to me in the bathroom."

What the?

Oh hey one more week til my bday!!! I'll be 27! Weird!