Sunday, September 9, 2012

School is in full swing and I feel like its been at least a month of these kids. The other day when it was day 9 that we were coloring on our hundreds chart I laughed. Day 9.

My class is pretty amazing so far though. I'm pretty lucky. I love my job! Hilarious story for you: so last Thursday the kids needed to take the mid chapter check test in their math workbooks. I had them get out their office (a tri folder meant to shield their neighbors eyes from looking..yet I should video how much they look at each others work even with the offices up...they don't understand "cheating" at six). Anyway I had some major chatter going on everywhere so I put my microphone up to mouth and old them to stop talking. It was my "teacher voice". I mean it had been a long day and I'll admit I was losing patience so I gave them all the look. It worked I mean they were totally silent as I read them the questions, putting their pencils in the air quickly after each question to signal they were ready for the next. It was PERFECT. The next day one of the moms of my kiddos, who works at the school, told me he came home and said "Mrs. Stoddard got mad for a minute and my heart was beeping so fast I didn't know what was going to happen next." ha ha ha ha ha. Amazing!


erin said...

That gave me a good laugh. :)

Craig said...

I laughed out loud. Hilarious!!